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People working in office some time get bored in their regular routine work. They want to work on their own timing with no one administrating them. So becoming freelancer is the only choice one can benefit. Freelancer can enjoy his own life. He is boss of his own. But all the people working in IT field not become good freelancers. You will need to be proficient in some specific field to become good freelancer and get more work.

Top freelancer skills
Top freelancer skills

I have seen people that work on .net get work very difficultly as compared to the people working in php. Php is open source and have many frameworks and cms. There are huge opportunities of work in the field of php. If you talk about blog then I don’t think any .net framework or cms is good for blogging. About 90% of bloggers use wordpress as there platform because it is easy to use and manage. WordPress also capture market in search engine and your blog become more searchable as compare to other blogging platforms available in market. WordPress is also free of cost. You have also heard about joomla and drupal. Both have lot of work as compared to other cms of .net. I know there are other programming languages also such as java and oracle but believe me that php has more demand on freelancer sites than any other. Php frameworks have also lot of work. And if you talk about shopping carts then there are also open source shopping carts available in php.

So the result is that if you work in php then why not work as freelancer and increase your income as other freelancers are doing. Hope you will get more comfort in doing work as freelancer as compare to regular office job.

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