The most expensive tablets nowadays are iPad2 and iPad3. Both these tablets have lot of features which make them different from other tablets in the market. But iPad 2 and iPad 3 has some differences between them which I will discuss today.

ipad2 vs ipad3

ipad2 vs ipad3

iPad 2

  • IPad 2 startup faster when pressing power button as compare to iPad 3.
  • Camera can record 720 pixel HD video.
  • Lower battery.
  • Wi-fi version weighs about 601 g.
  • 3G version weighs about 613 g.
  • 8.8 mm thick.
  • 2G and 3G support.
  • Dimension is 1024 x768 pixels.
  • A5 processor of dual core 1 GHz.

iPad 3

  • Price is 100 dollar more than iPad2.
  • Blue tooth has more range than iPad 2.
  • IPad 3 consumes less power than iPad 2 but if you compare processor than it is clear that iPad 3 has higher processor so it consumes more power than iPad 2 processor.
  • Camera can record 1080 pixel HD video.
  • Higher battery.
  • Weight is 652 g for wi-fi version.
  • Weight is 662 g for 3G version.
  • Thickness is 9.4 mm.
  • 4G support.
  • Retina display technology which is best for reading books, watching videos and using outdoor.
  • Has dimension of 2048 x1536 pixels.
  • Has 1 Ghz dual core A5x processor.

I think rear facing camera is not important as people will steering at you that we have a big iPad and you are recording video from it because iphone suite best for recording videos. The other tablets such as new Google nexus tablet whose price is also less i.e. about $200 can be alternative to iPad. Google nexus has small screen size but it is also good tablet. If you have already iPad2 then don’t upgrade to iPad3 because I don’t think there are so many new features added. So iPad2 is also best for your needs.


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