These are the days of tablets and smartphones. Everyone wants to get good looking smartphones which has all the latest features and also look nice. The two smartphones I will discuss today are iPhone 4s and Samsung galaxy s3. S3 has 4.8 display screen which is bigger than iPhone 4s. The weight of s3 is 133 g and iPhone 4s weighs about 140 g.

As s3 has large screen, you can enjoy watching videos in it. The processor of iPhone 4s is 0.8 Ghz which is less than Samsung galaxy s3 processor which 1.4 Ghz quard core. IPhone has 1420 mAh battery and has 326 ppi of pixel density while s3 has 2100 mAh battery and 306 ppi of pixel density.

IPhone 4s has 3.0 bluetooth while s3 has 4.0 bluetooth and also has flash support. As apple is behind the iPhone 4s so it has more name than Samsung. Samsung products are also good but with my experience I have bought one Samsung phone named monte which has not good video recording. I have never tried iPhone but I think so iPhone will have good video recording. Also I have not checked s3 myself but I have researched on net about it and it has good reviews and is more demanding smartphone of Samsung Company.

Both these smartphones have latest features but I personally like s3 because of its large size. You can browse websites more easily on s3 due to large screen and it has android operating system installed which makes the phone faster. The file system for android phones are also good organized. The photos capturing feature of both these phones is very good and you can edit the photos easily on your phone. 50 GB of free dropbox space is also given to s3 users so that they can use extra data from remote locations.

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