Firefox is the most famous web browser in the world. Both PC and MAC versions of Firefox become very popular. There are many add-ons on Firefox which facilitate your work on it. On android version Firefox also keep the privacy control as on desktop versions. You can safely browse the websites on android through Firefox. There is option of master password by which you are prompted to enter master password before auto fill happens. Firefox is two times faster than the default android browser. If you compare the speed of Firefox and chrome on android then chrome is two times faster than Firefox. But Firefox has an intelligent feature that tract your browsing history and your behavior and makes browsing faster.

When you launch Firefox on android then you will see thumbnails of your top browsed sites. It shows 4 top sites. And there is option of active sync also by which you can sync your auto fills, history, settings and bookmarks with your PC or MAC version.

When you open a website on android then on top right side there is button, and on clicking that tab or button you will see other websites that you want to browse or which are already opened. Also on wifi connection Firefox runs fast and it first zip the website and shows you faster. Important feature of Firefox on android is that it has now flash support also so that you can watch videos that run using flash player.

Some add-ons not work on new Firefox and it takes some time from the Mozilla Company to fix this issue. Add-ons are very handy while using Firefox and add extra features that Firefox not provide by default. I hope Mozilla will take care of all the issues the new mobile Firefox contains and solve it to make it more popular on android. You can also download new Firefox from Google Play and enjoy using it.

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