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Features of Firefox mobile version on andrioid

Firefox is the most famous web browser in the world. Both PC and MAC versions of Firefox become very popular. There are many add-ons on Firefox which facilitate your work on it. On android version Firefox also keep the privacy control as on desktop versions. You can safely browse the websites on android through Firefox. There is option of master password by which you are prompted to enter [...]

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Import, export, restore backup of bookmarks in firefox4

To make backup of your bookmarks there are two options:- Json backup Html backup To make backup of bookmarks first click on firefox menu on top left side of firefox. Then go to bookmarks->Show all bookmarks or you can press Crtl+Shift+B on windows. A new window will appear. Now click on "Import and Backup". If you want to take json backup click on "Backup" [...]

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Firefox 6 come with new design of download manager

There is some design issues in download manager that comes with firefox 4. So it is in consideration to change the design of download manager in firefox 6. Already firefox 5 is coming in june, now firefox 6 is also under consideration to what design change it takes place. There is UI change of download manager and also download manager is currently opening in new window [...]

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IE10 comes with windows 8?

As you already know what when IE9 was launched it is downloaded 25 times per second. So it is clear that how many fans are there who still love IE. IE10 rumor says that it is shipped with windows 8. Some screen shots of windows 8 are also taken. May be windows 10 ships best with IE10. This news is from win7china. The UI of windows [...]

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Firefox 4 new features

Firefox is getting his value in the market everyday. The firefox is most popular because of its add-ons and speed. Now the new firefox 4 is expected to have speed of about 6 times more than before. Firefox team has made many changes in new version and removed some bugs from the older release. Some bugs still may come in new release of firefox 4. So [...]

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Firefox 4 launch date

Firfox 4 will release on March 22 if there is no bugs in the development. Hope this release of version will have more features and is more faster then before. "Mozilla’s Damon Sicore say that as final there is no known issues that would stop us from shipping RC1(Release Candidate 1). The sliping day is march 22nd". One week ago the release candidate of Firefox 4 [...]

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Opera 11 features

Today i install opera 11. I have noted many features in new opera 11 which is in beta version now. I find the following features in opera 11 beta version:- Now you can create group while dragging one tab over another tab. New features are auto updated. The address field is now safe means it will notify you if you open any suspicious website. Installation is [...]

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