If you keep strong and active then you can live long and you will not feel any depression in your daily life. As for as students are concerned, they work hard in their exams day and most of students feel depressed due to study weakness. If you want to be strong enough to take your decision then your mind should be fresh up all the day. Most of people sit all the day in front of computer and after coming to home they get dinner and then sleep. If you follow this routine daily then it is dangerous to your life because you will get illness after some days or month.

The easy exercise that you can do is that wake up early in the morning and walk at least 1 km. when you walk in the morning then your eyes will get fresh and if you continue to walk daily in the morning for a month then you can also loss your weight. In last month I lost my 5 kg weight by walking at the morning. Some people get tired fast by doing some handwork, this is because they have not habit to do that type of work and they have not made their body to do such work in routine. So you have to struggle and make your body to do exercise so that you not get tired so fast.

Get up early in the morning and take 3 glasses of water. Also take water all the day because it removes uric acid from your body. And if you not walk daily then your body will make uric acid fast and then blood not regulates normal and your foot becomes fat. You know that the people which live outside the city have long life because they do body work all the day and walk long distance.

If you are sitting in front of computer and keep your eye at one place then your eyes will become week. So it is necessary that you go outside the computer room after an hour and refresh yourself. Don’t keep your head at one direction during sitting at computer. Move your head around and keep movement while sitting at the chair, for example turn your chair to left and then sit for one or two minutes.

If you are student then I suggest you to play games like cricket, football, baseball and other games. At student age our body is in growing stage and we have to keep active in games and keep also good food in our diet. If you study all the day and you don’t exercise while keeping heavy diet then you become ill and your body stops to grow as normal.

Remember that all the medicines give side effect and if you want to prevent yourself from talking medicines then make yourself healthy. I don’t suggest you to join gym and do hard exercise. If you do body building then it looks good at younger age but when your age increases then you will get pain in all parts of your body and that pain is very hard to sustain. So do normal exercise as swimming, walking, jumping and playing games.

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