Email marketing is the best and cost effective way of marketing these days. There are other methods of marketing also like purchasing ads, TV advertising, radio advertising, banners but they cost you too much money. If you have a list of email addresses then you can market your business via email. But you have to know some techniques and tips that play an important role in getting good result in email marketing. So below are the easy tips that you have to know:-

  • As most of the users view their email through mobile phones so keep your email short so that user may not feel any difficulty in reading your email.
  • Don’t use spam words which move your email automatically to spam folder.
  • Don’t use many links in your email and don’t give link of your posts of your website, this make your email boring.
  • Before you send email, first send welcome message to targeting email id so that you know that email already exists.
  • Don’t get email id lists from invalid source because these types of email id will make you spam as many people have already send them marketing emails.
  • Don’t do spellings mistake in your email which make your email unprofessional and gives bad effect to the user.
  • Give link of unsubscribe to email at the footer of email so that user don’t directly make your email as spam and can easily unsubscribe to your email subscription. Make the unsubscribe process as easy as you can.
  • Make the subject of your email more interesting so that the user can at least open your email.
  • Don’t use complicated html in your email, make it as simple as you can so that your email opens fast and can be understandable to everyone.
  • Don’t send lot of emails to the same email id. If you do this then the email receiver will surely make your email as spam and if your email gets spam by most of users then your future email will automatically go the spam folder for other users also.
  • I suggest you to not use images in your email because most of email providers stop the images to show from unknown email senders.
  • First check your email by sending to your own email id so that you know that the links in the email are working correctly. Check your email in all the major email providers like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail and AOL.
  • Most important thing is that always give your phone number so that if the client is interested to get services from you then he can contact you through phone number to save his time.
  • Use headings in your email to identify important words. And also don’t use too many font colors which make your email look over smart.
  • If you want to spend money then use your own custom email address which makes your email campaign more successful.
  • Always keep in contact with the customer if someone wants to contact you. If you don’t give quick response to the customer then the efforts you do in email marketing is useless.
  • If you have links in the email then make it prominent so that user knows that this is a link and not a normal text.

If you follow all the above steps then you will get good results from your email marketing. Remember that content is very important so make you email rich of quality content. Don’t use poor grammar and if you can hire any content writer then it is also good option. Also make research on your previous marketing strategies that you have already applied and check the more effective steps you have taken. But the tips I have given above are most important one.

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