Apple Company is now blooming in the field of gadgets like ipod, ipad, iphone and now ipad mini. With the launch of ipad mini the apple Company has tremendously increased its revenue. The ipad mini has similar features as we look in ipad 2 with some added features also.

ipad mini vs Nexus 7 vs kindle-fire-hd

ipad mini vs Nexus 7 vs kindle fire HD

Let me first discuss about the comparison between Google Nexus 7, ipad mini and Kindle fire 7 HD.

Ipad mini

  • Ipad mini is larger than Nexus 7 and kindle fire HD.
  • Height is 7.87 inch.
  • Width is 5.3 inch.
  • Thickness is 0.28 inch.
  • Weight is 308 g.
  • Features same as normal ipad.
  • Ipad 4 and ipad 5 has more clear text than ipad mini.
  • Pixel density is 163 ppi.

Kindle fire HD 7

  • Smaller than Nexus 7 and ipad mini.
  • 7.44 inch in height.
  • 4.72 inch in width.
  • 0.45 inch in thickness.
  • 395 g in weight.
  • Same pixel density as nexus 7 i.e. 216 ppi.

Nexus 7

  • Smaller than ipad mini but larger than kindle fire HD 7.
  • Height is 7.81 inch.
  • Width is 4.72 inch.
  • Thickness is 0.41 inch.
  • Weight is 340 g.
  • Pixel density is 216 ppi so text is clearer than ipad mini.

Ipad mini has 5 mega pixels on back side and also high quality camera on front side. The siri feature is also improved because ipad mini runs on iOS 5. The true value of this tablet comes when you are taking rest and want to browse internet or watch any video. The weight of this tablet is half than the weight of original ipad so it feels comfort while handling it in one hand.

The price of ipad mini starts from $329. You can get the same apps as you get in normal ipad from apple store.  Screen dimension of ipad mini is 1024 X 768 pixels. Because the ipad mini has no retina display used so the text seems rough which reading any pdf. If you have ipad 2 and not satisfied with it while playing games then ipad mini is no other case. Another thing that I noted is that ipad mini doesn’t fit in your pocket because it is 7.9 inch which is more than nexus 7.

Nexus 7 is also good choice if you like android and it has more pixel density as that of ipad mini so the text has more smoothness in it while reading or playing games. Kindle fire HD is having no importance if we compare with these tablets and if carry this tablet in one hand and ipad mini in other hand than weight is easily judge able.

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