There are many sites and products build by the people which include features of some already running websites and product. So you can have something in mind to launch a product with some salient features in it. The problem you face is during the launch of site or product and how to do testing of it by real people. So today I will tell you the easiest way to do that type of stuff.

Launch a product successfully

Launch a product successfully

Always launch your first product as a beta version so that users know it that it is new product and you can have good response from your clients. If you want to market your product then the easiest way is to promote your product by facebook, making video on youtube about the features of your product and how to use the product.

Testing the product:

I have meet a person on facebook and he send a message in group that he has created a time tracking software which is helpful for the freelancers. And he posted on freelance group on facebook with the link of the software to test. So I click on the link as I am also freelancer and test all the features. I also replied him about the bugs the product has. So you can also test your product by posting on facebook groups or inviting your friends to try the product.

Why most of new products fail during the start:

I have viewed some research topics and find that about 90% of new products fail. There are different things which are involved in this failure. First is that due to already popular similar products that are already running in the market. And the other reason is that of the people financial problem. So you have to include some new and distinct features in your product that is easy to use and can be time saving for others.

What steps you have to take before building your product:

I suggest you to use all the similar products and see which features of that products are not good. And you can include and improve that feature in your product. Always remember to have your product tested fully in all phase of the development.

Tips to promote a product:

Here are some tips you can follow to promote your product:-

  • Make a youtube video and tell about the features about the product and show the demo of how the product works and how it is useful for the people.
  • Offer some discount on purchasing of the product. If your product is free then offer some prize for the first 10-100 people who try your product. The research shows that people get more interest on the products which have some discount and prizes associated with the product.
  • Organize some events and publicize your product there. If you are not able to organize a separate event for the product itself then join some events which tend to involve publicize your product. For example I last time see an event organized by youtube where different website and product owners show there product which uses youtube api for the product. So it is best way for people to know about your product.
  • Also organize webinars to promote your product.

Some products during the launch day says that this product does lot of things but in real that product do not have such features so remember to give statements that are true and don’t ever try to earn from product by taking untruth comments.

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