Every blogger has a success story behind it. When someone start blogging then he get lot of ideas of how to write a blog post and how to monetize. Every blog one day goes to peak level and then due of inconsistency in writing that blog goes down. So being courage in yourself make the blog succeed.

Important blogging tips

How to write a blog

I have seen many people when they get started, they post with spelling and grammatical mistakes. And one day they are the most successful bloggers in their community. You just have some idea on which you want to write and more specific a more distinct idea. For example you are a good teacher. Then you can start writing your blog on the tips of how to teach your students in easy way.

While writing a blog you can think that you are talking with the reader and you can ask questions in the article too which will bring your blog into conversation. So always think to write well and in best way you can.

So the question arises that what things I need to start my own blog. The best way to create a blog is by registering in blogger.com. The signup in blogger.com is free and you can create many blogs in one account. There are no extra charges in creating your blog in blogger. There are no complex steps to create a blog in blogger.com, you have to just follow instructions while you sign up in blogger and wow you create your own blog.

After creating your blog you have to follow some tips like you can create subscribe by email form in your blog and also a link from where users can subscribe to your blog feeds. After writing a blog post, you have to double check it so that it has no grammatical and spelling mistakes. I use MS Word to write a blog post so I also suggest you to write article in MS Word because it checks grammatical and spelling mistakes. And one more thing is that you have to update your blog regularly. Writing your blog posts by others is not a good idea because someone may give you bad quality articles or may copy other articles also.

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