If you are writing your content with hard work then you don’t want anybody to copy your content and publish it again. Many websites nowadays are copying other content and using it on their sites. If you are a website owner and you are hiring some content writers to write for your blog then it is important to check whether the writers are writing by themselves or copying any other text.

Pagiarism checking

Pagiarism checking

Today I am going to tell you how you can check plagiarism and easily judge the originality of content. One way to check is simple choose some line of text and paste it into Google search. This will tell you if anyone is already using the same exact text. One more thing is that you have to put your text into double quotes to check exactly your text in Google search.

There are also many online tools available by which you can check your articles for originality and pure work. Below are some of popular online tools for checking plagiarism:-

  1. Dupli Checker (www.duplichecker.com)
  2. Plagiarism Detect (www.plagarism-detect.com)
  3. Plagiarism Checker (www.plagarismchecker.org)
  4. Plagiarism Check (www.plagarismcheck.org)

To use the above tools you have to first publish your content and then give the link of that article to these sites but you can also paste the text in these sites to check the content.

We don’t have to believe on anybody whether he is our college also. I have meet with many article writers who don’t give original content. The trick is that they copy some lines of text from other articles and then write some of their text and so on. So if you want to rank higher in search engine then you have to check the originality and nature of content that someone is providing to you. Also before choosing title of article you have to first check in Google search so that you know if some other site is using the same article title. Don’t use article title if any other site is using. Always hire a content writer who has good education and English skills. Some people will told you have they have done bachelor degree but in reality it is not. Also tell your writers to show scan copy of their degree and ask them to give links of articles they have published. If you not check the originality of content then search engine may penalties your site and ranking of your site also affects.

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