Every blogger has aim to have as many visitors to his site as he wish. It is not the game of just writing your blog posts and publishing. You have to gather your audience by yourself. Don’t just depend upon search engine traffic specially if your blog it quite new. Most of the blogs as I know are getting 90% of their visits from sources other than search engine.

Facebook Network

Facebook Network

You have to first build a network of friends in social media sites like facebook, google plus, linkedin and youtube. It is time consuming to be active in all the social media sites but it is better for your blog. Join groups on facebook, linkedin and google plus and start answering to other people. Make comments on other senior bloggers and ask questions you are having from them in polite manner. They will help you and also will know about your blog. You can share your blog posts in the groups and also as your status. The more you are active on social media sites the more people know about you and your blog.

You can wish other bloggers on their birth days. On facebook there is Event option by which you can know which is latest alerts like upcoming events and birthday of people. You can also make a video on your blog and let others know about your blog. Similarly you can make videos on tech or your blog niche and share your blog link at the end of video.

Offering giveways and prizes on your blog is also good for engaging users to your blog. You can also give points and stars to users who stay more active on your blog. For example if any user comments and like your blog posts regularly then you can mention his name in the sidebar of your blog.

Most of people nowadays are buying popular pages on facebook and getting traffic from it on their blog. They share links of blog posts on the facebook page and they get thousands of visits every day. So you can also create a page on facebook and can buy likes from facebook ads.

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