WordPress is a popular blogging platform that gives spammers a good chance to do spamming. When I start my blogging career then I make a blog on wordpress. When traffic of my blog increases then comments starts posting. I was very happy to see that users are posting comments. But later on I know that most of the comments are spam comments. These spammers just use a script that post comments to all the popular blogs. So I was very worried about it. Later on I search on internet for the tools to prevent spamming on my wordpress blog. So I installed akismet plugin by wordpress. This plugin requires a key that you can easily get from the link they give you when you install akismet. Days went on and some spamming stops little bit. But now on one time my blog get hacked and it is due to lot of logins to the blog. And also the comments are coming to my blog that are posted by spammers.

Stop spamming in wordpress

Stop spamming in wordpress

So I decided to search another plugin that fully stops spamming. At last I find a plugin named ‘captcha’. I install the plugin and now on my wordpress login page also has captcha so that there are no more login script to be used for login to my wordpress site. Also spam comments are fully blocked to my site.

This plugin gives you setting by which you can insert captcha to login, register page and also on comments. Now I have no fear to have spam comments and logins to my site. You can also try this plugin and this plugin is by BWS.

Another thing to note is that you have to also stop people sharing links in your comments. So to stop link sharing in the comments you can write some text in the comment box to alert people that comments with  links will not be shown in the comments. And if anyone still share a link then you can delete that comment or edit that comment and remove the link. Also you have to set in admin area of your wordpress site that all comments should be approved by admin. You can find the check box option in Settings -> General -> Discussion in admin of wordpress. The reason why the links should be not allowed in comments is that if the link that is pointing to the site is closed then your site has bad links in it.

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