Facebook is now the number one site all over the world. It is the busiest site on the internet. You and me both use Facebook once in a day or for many hours in a day. Many people use Facebook as a tool for marketing. Today I am going to tell you top 10 shortcuts keys you can use in your browser to work on Facebook fast than else before.

Facebook shorcuts

Facebook shorcuts

Before telling you shortcuts for Facebook, I want to tell you that there are control keys which are different for each browser. For example:-

Shortcut keys for Firefox:-

Shift + Alt + [some key] is shortcut for firefox in pc and mac.

Shortcut keys for Safari:-

Cmd + [some key] is shortcut for safari in mac.

Ctrl + [some key] is shortcut for safari in pc.

Shortcut keys for Chrome:-

Alt + [some key] is shortcut for chrome in pc and mac.

Shortcut keys for Internet Explorer:-

Alt + [some key] + Enter is shortcut for Internet explorer.

Below are [some key]:-

? — For searching on facebook i.e. Alt + ? is used for search on Facebook in chrome.

m — For composing New message

0 — For opening help center

1 — For going to homepage

2 — For opening your profile

3 — For sending friend request

4 — For opening message

5 — For accessing notification area

6 — For opening account settings

7 — For opening privacy settings

8 — For opening official Facebook page

9 — For opening terms and condition page

Hope that shortcuts keys of Facebook helps you to work faster on Facebook.

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