Twitter is used by 20% of the people on internet in United States. So it is very useful way to get latest news and updates of what is happening around the World. I am using twitter for quite long time now and I have noted some of tips that can help you communicate effectively and professionally on twitter.

Communication types used on twitter

Communication tactics.

So here are some of tips:-

Start the conversation with followers:-

If there is someone in your list of followers on twitter then just say hi to him and reply to his tweet. He will get assure that you are in collaboration with him and you know him well. This way he will also retweet your latest tweets and then you will find a new friend and communication goes effectively next day also.

Reply in your skills category:-

If some twitter user asks a question related to your skills then do reply him and try to keep in touch with him. He will then later on in some other day may also connect with you. You can introduce him to your field and skills and tell him about your background.

Tweet about your company related news:-

If you have a hosting company and some user post a query about some other hosting company then you can communicate with him and elaborate his query and explain some more details of that company. This way he will tend to also know about company.

Make an environment or cloud for conversation:-

Try to make communication with new people and then at some stage you have lot of people in your niche to discuss something important or if you have any question in mind or any news then your twitter community or users will help you lot.

Tell people to use hashtag with their friends:-

If you know someone and you communicate with him on previous days also then don’t get shammed to tell him to share your twitter name or hashtag with others and during making tweet.

Hashtag is the powerful tool of communication:-

I suggest you to always use hashtag in your tweets to get note by others. You can get in communication with people related to brands, social activities, news or others. Just use important tags like #obama, #besthosting or others.

Not happy to use twitter site:-

There are many tools that you can use for making tweets. The most commonly used tool I use in Yoono. It is very fast tool for tweeting and you can see your activities in it, reply to tweets and other features also. I don’t suggest you to also open twitter site and make tweets. Other site you can use for tweets and conversion is, in this site you can easily narrow your topic and ideas and retweet and reply interested tweets.

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