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Twitter id of vip people

Today i will share with you the twitter id of vip people and bollywood personalities. Bill gates's twitter id is BillGates Salman khan's twitter id is BeingSalmanKhan Ali zafar's twitter id is AliZafarforu Preity zinta's twitter id is realpreityzinta Sonakshi Sinha's twitter id is sonakshisinha Arbaaz Khan's twitter id is arbaazSkhan Bill gates is the owner of microsoft corporation. Ali zafar is the most popular singer [...]

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Facebook revenue vs google revenue

The facebook and google are the most busy websites on the internet. By google ranking statistics facebook has higher ranking than google. Facebook has about 600 million users which shows that how much facebook is used daily. So lets compare facebook and google revenue. As the picture shows that google has 6 times more revenue than facebook has per user. But if you see the number [...]

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Apple iOS vs Google Android

Google's android operating system and apple iOS are competing very high. Both of there devices have good features to capture 2011 market. But there are some faults in both these companies somehow. Android: Google Android has following drawbacks:- The operating system is open source and any one can edit the code and do the wrong operations with it. The updates of operating  system comes with different [...]

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Search Skype id

Hi today i will tell you easy way to search people who uses skype and find there skype id. Follow these steps:- Open your skpye Login to your account Go to Contact->New Contact Now search for person name such as john Now you can see list of people who's name are with john Add to your contact list This is the easiest way to search people [...]

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youtube error: Object moved to here

Youtube has a problem in pakistan with this error "Object moved to here" and when you click on the link here then youtube home page opens and your video not play. To solve this problem you can use google chrome. Google chrome has not such error and your video will play. This error is because of some firefox new bug. Also you will find this error [...]

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Joomla 1.6 Features

Joomla is used for making blogs and newspapers websites like eBay, Citibank, General Electric, IHOP and more. Joomla 1.6 version has added some features that are:- Sections are removed now and replaced with categories and sub categories. Now you can update components and plugins in one click like wordpress do. Template styles is also added which gives more control to designer working on different parts of [...]

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Website Development Training

These courses are given online. For online training you must have dsl connection and head phone, microphone. Name Of Course Contents Fees Hours Html Tags, Tables, Div's, Tag attributes, formatting, images, styles, lists, forms, colors, fonts, introduction to frames. $40 8 hr Css id, class, styling, margin, padding, outline, border, float, align, display $40 8 hr Javacript Statement, Comments, Variables, Operators, Comparison, if/else, switch, popup, functions, for loop, [...]

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Introduction to regular expression

Regular expressions are used to validate email addresses, username, phone numbers and other stuff. The syntax of regular expression is different in different languages. For example in perl it is differnt and in POSIX the regular expression syntax is different. The regular expression is also called regex. Regular expressions are interpreted differently by different computer languages and operating systems. Let me discuss some parts of common [...]

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class vs object

Class is a type of template from which objects can be created. Classes are static and they give a blueprint to create the object. Classes have state and behavior. For example you take the example of human. Human have eyes, hands which are state of the class human and walking and talking are the behavior or action of that class. You can take another example of [...]

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What is ISP

Isp stands for internet service provider or independent service provider. Isp is a company that provides individuals and other companies access to the internet and other related services such as website building and virtual hosting. Isp is the company which provides user the facility of internet. Isp provides many ways to connect to internet. The user may connect through dial-up, dsl or broadband, wireless modem, wi-max. [...]

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