Isp stands for internet service provider or independent service provider. Isp is a company that provides individuals and other companies access to the internet and other related services such as website building and virtual hosting.



Isp is the company which provides user the facility of internet. Isp provides many ways to connect to internet. The user may connect through dial-up, dsl or broadband, wireless modem, wi-max. The speed of internet depends upon the option you choose from isp. Dial-up connection is very slower the dsl. If you want to download movies then i suggest you to purchase dsl.

The Isp provides other facilities also that may be email accounts, domain registration or hosting. Your tv cable operator may also provide you the facility of dsl but its better to test the internet speed of them before using it. Some internet provider companies (isp’s) may give you some limit of downloading and uploading data.

The isp’s are connected to back-bone(internet) and web servers. When a user type a url in the browser the request goes to isp if that url is correct then it transfers the request to web server attached to that isp. If the page is found in that web server then it sends back to isp and isp sends that page to the browser of the user. If the page is not found in web server then isp will transfer that url request to other isp near to it and the process goes on.

Some isp’s have their own telephone lines but other use lines of telephone companies to give there facilities to the users. The companies which use other companies telephone lines are called independent service providers. There is also wireless internet which is through wireless modem and you can also connect your mobile to that wireless modem through gprs and enjoy your fast speed of internet on your mobile.

The best way to choose your isp’s is that you must see following things in your isp:-

  • Isp which give unlimited downloads and uploads.
  • Isp which  gives national connection using usb. If you travel most then you can go to purchases usb connection of internet which is wireless and connected through usb device that isp’s give you.
  • The dial up is good for just viewing websites and not for watching movies.
  • You can choose that isp which gives you extra services like email accounts and other facilities.
  • Also check to see if you are purchasing isp service within your wallet.
  • Check the service of any isp from your friend house or your college to get satisfied before purchasing it.

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