Google’s android operating system and apple iOS are competing very high. Both of there devices have good features to capture 2011 market. But there are some faults in both these companies somehow.

google android

google android


Google Android has following drawbacks:-

  • The operating system is open source and any one can edit the code and do the wrong operations with it.
  • The updates of operating  system comes with different time periods means that no specific dates so the softwares that run google andriod may stop running when the user updates to later version.
  • Hardware vendors have to deal with the new operating system and software installed will not work.
Apple iOS

Apple iOS

Apple iOS:

The apple iOS has following faults:-

  • You know one thing that the apple products are either too easy to use or impossible to use.
  • The iOS not  fully  support multi-tasking , you can only do one task at a time such as making presentation etc.
  • The apple products not offer full customer needs for example if the customer wants to have only few features in the product with good keypad in it then may be he will not get it. The customer may choose only two choices in ipad like using broadband internet on mobile or wi-max.

So we have noted that the both the companies have drawbacks in them but they are the most popular in mobile world and have good results in start of 2011.

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