What are thermal printers?

The thermal technology is not new and is used from 1990 to onwards. The main thing in thermal printers is that it uses heat on ribbon which heats up the colors and those dots of colors are then pasted on the heated areas of paper. Thermal printers are very sensitive and if you pinch your finger onto the papers then you will see darker area on that place [...]

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What is the difference between lcd and led monitors

Lcd stands for liquid crystal display and led stands for light emitting diodes. Both lcd and led are new technology than CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) monitors. The disadvantage of CRT monitors is that it occupies large space and consumes too much power as compared to lcd and led. CRT monitors are also difficult to carry on from one place to another because of heavy weight and these monitors [...]

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Difference between real time, network and distributed operating systems

Today I will discuss about short difference between these threee operating systems. In real time systems the priority of the job which is running has high and it is hardly that other jobs interrupt it, I mean the job is given maximum time. If this job fails to run then entire system may break down. Real time systems are very expensive and have expensive hardware support. Popular examples [...]

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Difference between CCITT, IEEE and ISO

CCITT, IEEE and ISO are organizations which define standards which are used for working of hardare or software together. These standards define how to communicate through messages between these hardwares. So the two harwares from different vendors works, this is the magic of these standards. The competition between hardware companies become high so the cost of these hardware automatically decreases. As the companies have more competition so they [...]

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Difference between batch and time sharing operating systems

In batch systems the jobs or work is keep in order and jobs are run one after the other. Batch system is good for large jobs which don’t need user interaction. Batch systems were started in older days( near 1950’s).  The system is always busy by using buffering, spooling and multiprogramming. The name batch comes from the batch files that user give to the system and data is [...]

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Scope of computer jobs in future

Computer is used in all the fields nowadays. There are millions of people getting degrees in computer subject but still the scope of computer is vast. All the companies are making their machines run by computer so the load of manual power decreases. Computer can control and monitor the hardware or big factory machine more accurately than a human can operate. All the machines now operate on some [...]

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How many people use windows 7

Most companies are using windows 7 in all their pc and they say that they have no problem in it. The nice interface of windows 7 has attracted most of the users. In 2011 it is estimated that 42% of users use windows 7 on their pc. One the reasons may be there are now little drivers needed to install most of the hardware as it is already [...]

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