Why to use 64 bit operating system

If you are using 32 bit operating system then a question in your mind arises that why should you upgrade your system to 64 bit. 64 bit operating system is well implemented in windows 7. But before installing windows 7 you should have some specific hardware capacity in your system like at least 1GB RAM and enough space in hard drive. There are two options in windows 7 [...]

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How to get indexed in Google and other search engines

When you make your new website then the first thing you think about how to get traffic on your site. People work hard to make their website and spend lot of money to maintain it but if there is no traffic on site then all the things are useless. If your website gets indexed in search engine like Google then there are many chances that your website become [...]

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Data analyst demand is high in future

Data analyst is a person who collects raw data and extracts useful information from it using different software tools and techniques like data mining. In the developed countries, different organization get large amount of data by seminars, email newsletter, marketing. These types of data become so huge that it is not possible for normal individual to extract useful information from it. So organizations hire data analysts for filtering [...]

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Graphic designing demand in market

In all the fields of computer, graphic designers play an important role. Graphic designing has very important role in outlook of website or any software. The look and feel of websites and software are made by the creativity of graphic designer. On Elance(Freelancing site) the second most demanded skill is graphic designing. And in all over the world designing has very huge importance in the market. Graphic [...]

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Is Google advertising better than Facebook ads

Most of the companies or individuals make their websites to get income from it. One type of website is that which sales its products and other type is that which place ads on their site and get income. So companies get monthly charges for placing ads on their site while other companies use ads of some good companies like Google.  Google has a service called Google adsense and [...]

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How important social media is to recruiters

Nowadays companies find 8 out of 10 candidates through social media. As you know 600 million people are using facebook. People at their home are mostly in touch with social media sites all the day. Linkedin is also an important site for the company to find the best candidate for a job opening. So the recruiters use social media for the following reasons:- Company gets publicized by posting [...]

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How many people use wifi

With the introduction of mobiles in the market the usage of wifi increases very much. As you can see in the market ipad has also version with only wifi connectivity and other versions with wifi support also. Now isp also offering wifi support for mobile users which increase in wifi connection. Wifi usage in the world As you have seen in the above image south korea [...]

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Why to quit your job

There are many ups and downs in your life. All the people do the job for their livings. But there comes some time moments when the person wants to quit his regular job. Here are some of the reasons why to quit your regular job:- You are not getting the respect as you deserve for your work. Your colleagues making fun of you. You’re learning stops at some [...]

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Tips to get a job

As you know these are the days of recession. The competition to get a new job is increasing day by day. I am in the field of IT so I can tell you how to get an IT job. But the steps and tips to get other jobs may look same. Follow the following steps to get your new job:- Read the interview question on the [...]

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Difference between emulators and simulators

Emulator behaves as the original device that is referring in point of view of hardware and software. Simulator behaves as the original device in point of view of software. Emulators fully copy the features of original device while simulators tend to copy the features in point of view of software. You can say that the simulator uses different processes to achieve same results. Let take the [...]

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