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Difference between 4G and 5G mobiles

4G and 5G are the latest technologies in mobile world. Nowadays more than 6 billion people use mobile in their daily lives. In latest mobile sets we can perform the tasks that we do in our computers. For example we can see pdf files and excel sheets in our mobiles. There are advantages and disadvantages of mobiles. We can talk to people and it saves our huge time [...]

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vcf enabled mobiles and sms marketing without any software

vcf is the format for which the contacts are saved in the mobiles. By this format we can easily edit the contacts on our computer and also generate dynamically vcf contacts by little programming. First i give the list of nokia sets which are vcf enabled and then i give you code by which you can dynamically create vcf contacts for sms marketing. The vcf enabled [...]

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Samsung will release 2 Ghz smart phone in 2012

As you know samsung already comes will 1 Ghz speed. But now latest news is that new smart phones from samsung come with 2 Ghz speed. The official report says that this smart phone will be available in 2012 with 2 Ghz speed which is equal to regular Pc speed. Now the interesting part of this news will be that how the battery will be affected [...]

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skype on blackberry OS 6

Now its good to see skype on blackberry os6. Skype is the most used for voice chatting on pc. Now the blackberry users can also enjoy calling to there friends who has skype from there blackberry. Now you can call and do messaging using skype on your mobile for free. As Skype says Skype-to-Skype calls, to or from your mobile, computer or TV These calls are [...]

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ipad 2 features

The ipad 2 is launching in 2nd March and has many salient features that are not found in previous ipad. As you know from previous versions the processor speed is increasing in later versions of ipad. The features of ipad 2 are:- The ipad 2 might have rear and front facing camera Support Retina Display May be it has a gyroscope and a non-smudge screen The [...]

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Apple iOS vs Google Android

Google's android operating system and apple iOS are competing very high. Both of there devices have good features to capture 2011 market. But there are some faults in both these companies somehow. Android: Google Android has following drawbacks:- The operating system is open source and any one can edit the code and do the wrong operations with it. The updates of operating  system comes with different [...]

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Difference between 3G and 4G

Today i will discuss about the difference between 3G and 4G mobiles. At first glance i will tell you that both these technologies not work well where signals are not so strong. And before wasting your money on your mobile check that you are living in the area where mobile signals are strong enough for transferring of data. I am discussing the main differences between 3G [...]

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Difference between 2G and 3G

Nowadays you have come to know about 2G and 3G many times and you may be confused about what is actually difference between these two technologies. Now lets first discuss 2G. 2G: 2G has following things in it:- 2G use different switching techniques for voice and data 2G has data rate in kbps 2G is slower in speed than 3G 2G is circuit-switched Now lets discuss [...]

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5 Reasons to buy samsung S5620

I have bought samsung S5620 two days ago. I have seen some pictures of this mobile on google and i start loving this mobile. At one day i decided to buy this mobile. I requested to my father to buy this mobile for me. I have not enough money to buy it but my father give me half money and i add other half of mine to get [...]

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