4G and 5G are the latest technologies in mobile world. Nowadays more than 6 billion people use mobile in their daily lives. In latest mobile sets we can perform the tasks that we do in our computers. For example we can see pdf files and excel sheets in our mobiles. There are advantages and disadvantages of mobiles. We can talk to people and it saves our huge time then practically meeting the person. Also some mobile sets now offer skype support. With skype if you have high internet speed at your mobile then you can talk to other persons who also have skype installed on their mobile or on computer. Skype usage on mobile saves your money and has good voice quality also. Now blackberry os 6 also supports skype. i have also created post on skype on blackberry OS 6.

4G vs 5G

4G vs 5G

Now let me explain you 4G vs 5G.


4G has following features:-

  • 4G is started in 2001 or 2002 and now supports 100 Mbit/s speed
  • You can watch YouTube videos on your mobile
  • Skype support
  • Watch TV
  • Video on demand
  • Install VoIP client
  • Face to face meeting if you have camera in your mobile
  • Closer to Gigabit speed
  • Low battery consumption


5G has following features:-

  • High speed than 4G
  • Expected speed in multiple of Gigabit
  • Supports high speed hardware
  • Supports good quality camera up to 10.2 Mega pixels.
  • Time machine
  • Apple has 128 GB minimum storage for 5G
  • In 5G you can charge your mobile battery with solar energy
  • Video conferencing
  • Supports ultra sound technology

5G is under development and is fully functional in 2015.

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