I have bought samsung S5620 two days ago. I have seen some pictures of this mobile on google and i start loving this mobile. At one day i decided to buy this mobile. I requested to my father to buy this mobile for me. I have not enough money to buy it but my father give me half money and i add other half of mine to get this mobile.

Samsung S5620 Monte

This mobile has many features in it but i am discussing 5 major features of this mobile that i liked most:-

  1. Light Weight: This mobile is very light weight. The weight of this mobile is only 92 g. And this mobile very good fits in your hand.
  2. Large Screen: This mobile has 3 inch screen which is enough for watching videos. The large display of this mobile makes the pictures viewing very nice and also browsing internet on this mobile was a dream before.
  3. Two Cameras: This mobile has two cameras, One is in front side of mobile which is used for video calls(also called webcam) and second on back side of mobile. The camera is 3.15 Mp.
  4. Free 2 gb card and 200 mb internal memory: This mobile comes with 2 gb card and 200 internal memory. You can store upto 2000 contacts in phonebook.
  5. Fm Radio and Large volume: This mobile comes with fm radio and its volume is also very loud. I guarantee you that no other mobile has this volume if you attach microphone to this mobile and listen at full volume.

So i find this mobile very good and i think i have saved my money. You can also try it.

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