vcf enabled mobiles and sms marketing without any software

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vcf is the format for which the contacts are saved in the mobiles. By this format we can easily edit the contacts on our computer and also generate dynamically vcf contacts by little programming.
First i give the list of nokia sets which are vcf enabled and then i give you code by which you can dynamically create vcf contacts for sms marketing.

nokia - vcf enabled mobile
nokia - vcf enabled mobile

The vcf enabled nokia mobiles are Nokia Series 60, Nokia 6600, Nokia 6680, Nokia N-Gage-TMobile, Nokia 3230, Nokia 6670, Nokia 6630, Nokia 3600, Nokia 3620, Nokia 3660,Nokia 7650, Nokia 3620-Cingular, Nokia 3620-AT&T,Nokia N-Gage, Nokia N-Gage-Cingular, Nokia N-Gage-AT&T, Nokia 3620-TMobile, Nokia 3660-Cingular, Nokia 6260, Nokia 3650,Nokia 6681, Nokia N-Gage QD, Nokia 3660-TMobile, Nokia 3660-AT&T, Nokia 7610, Nokia 6620
The code for creating vcf files is:-
[cc lang=”php”]
$fixed_text2=str_replace(“03455150”, $replace2, str_replace(“A00”, $newfile2, $text));
if(file_put_contents(“contacts/B/”.$newfile2.”.vcf”, $fixed_text2)!=FALSE)
echo $newfile2.” created
$fixed_text3=str_replace(“03455150”, $replace3, str_replace(“A00”, $newfile3, $text));
if(file_put_contents(“contacts/C/”.$newfile3.”.vcf”, $fixed_text3)!=FALSE)
echo $newfile3.” created
Save the above code with any name e.g i name it copy.php
In the code above i have used A00.vcf file. You can download A00.vcf file from here
Place A00.vcf in the location where u placed copy.php.
Create also folder named A, B, C where you place copy.php.
You can also change the numbers e.g 03455153 to your local mobile number from where you want to start with.
Note that this is php code and you must place these files in htdocs folder of xampp or www folder of wamp to run it.
Final step is that you transfer the vcf files from A, B and C folders to your mobile. You can copy the vcf to your memory card and then load them in your contacts of mobile.
This is the method for which you are do sms marketing without any software.
If you need any more help you can place a comment in this post.

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