Opera 11 features

Today i install opera 11. I have noted many features in new opera 11 which is in beta version now.


I find the following features in opera 11 beta version:-

  • Now you can create group while dragging one tab over another tab.
  • New features are auto updated.
  • The address field is now safe means it will notify you if you open any suspicious website.
  • Installation is now faster than before.
  • plug-ins are now available only on demand.
  • Page loads faster than before.
  • Now you can speed your browsing by power of virtual mouse gestures.
  • search prediction by google is another feature of opera 11 beta version.
  • New extensions are available by new opera and is easy to install.
  • HTML5 support is also available but not full support available now.
  • Now mail panel is available which gives you easily manage your email accounts.
  • All email accounts working fine except some new yahoo accounts.

You can find easy to use opera 11 beta now and discover your new World using this version.

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Opera 11 features

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