Samsung is a tech company that is making phones for quite a long time. The first phone that Samsung made was the SH-100 in 1988. Samsung becomes popular after starting to make smartphones. The first android smartphone that Samsung made was GT-17500 which was released on 29 June 2009.

Samsung phones have a unique user interface in their phones and are evolving with time. The software and hardware of Samsung phone are integrated well and gives the user a great experience.

Samsung phones come with microSD card support and have a flashlight built in by which you can take selfies and also use flash in dark places.

Pros and Cons of Samsung Phones

Today we are going to discuss some pros and cons of using Samsung phones.

Advantages of Samsung Phones

Some benefits of Samsung phones are:-

  1. Online payment:

You can do online payments by using your Samsung phone using Google Pay and Samsung Pay. You can also attach your credit/debit card to the google play store and buy android apps. Some apps need a monthly and annual subscription that can also subscribe by Google Pay and Samsung Pay.

2. Good camera:

The camera quality in Samsung phones is good. You can take quality pictures and share them with your friends on social media. The premium Samsung phones come with a high-end camera that replaces your traditional camera. You can also record videos through your Samsung phone. Doing live streaming on your Samsung phone is also good. If you are interested in taking pictures of space then some Samsung phones allow you to zoom 30 times.

3. Facial recognition:

The latest Samsung phones come with the feature of facial recognition. You can unlock your phone with recognition of your face. Face detection is used to secure your phone and an unauthorized person cannot use your phone.

4. Use in bad weather also:

You can also use your Samsung phone during light rain and this phone is also dust resistant. One time my Samsung phone fell into the water. I thought the phone is now unable to use. But I dry the phone by putting it into the rice. After a few hours I turn on the phone and it started again. The camera, voice and screen were working fine as before.

5. Responsive customer support:

If you get any problem with your phone then you can easily contact Samsung support online or by going to the Samsung support office. They are responsive in giving customer support and solve your problem quickly.

6. Use multiple apps at a time:

Samsung phone comes with a split screen feature by which you can display multiple apps on one screen. You can also copy text from one screen and move it to another screen. These multitasking features increase your productivity. You can type in one app and watch a video on another app at the same time with a split screen feature.

7. Health care:

You can use your Samsung phone as a healthcare device by which you can track your footsteps, and also use your phone for medical purposes. You can also integrate a smartwatch with your Samsung phone that can help in tracking heartbeat and measuring blood pressure.

8. View maps:

You can find any type of business, popular places, cities, and countries by using maps on your Samsung phone. There are some apps like the cream app and uber app that use this built-in functionality of maps and guide you in reaching your destination location.

9. Making graphic art:

You can use your Samsung phone to make graphic art and edit photos and videos easily. You can also add filters to your photos and also add emojis and apply different effects to photos.

10. Iris scanner and fingerprint sensor:

Samsung phone has a built-in feature of fingerprint sensor and iris scanner which helps you with authentication. You can also verify yourself by biometric systems using these technologies.

11. Fast charging:

New Samsung phones come with fast charging support. Some Samsung phones can be charged from 0% to 100% in half an hour. Samsung is using new technology to better charge your phone. You can charge your phone one time and then use it all day without any issues.

12. Many varieties available:

Any type of person can use a Samsung phone because there are many varieties of Samsung phones available. Some phones have a different price range and they come with different hardware specifications also. The user can pick any Samsung phone that is according to his budget. There are low-budget, medium budget and premium phones available that come in different price ranges.

13. Larger screen:

New Samsung phones have a larger screen that is touching the edges of the phone. There is a very little extra gap on the sides of the screen and the camera is also embedded within the screen. You can watch high-quality videos and browse the internet and also read books by using the large screen on a Samsung phone.

14. GPS support:

GPS is a global positioning system that guides you to find locations using satellites. Samsung mobile gives you GPS support that can track your locations and it helps you in your travelling.

15. Millions of apps:

As the Samsung phone is running on android OS so there are millions of apps available on the Google play store that a user can pick and install on his phone. There are also dedicated Samsung apps which you can install from the Samsung app store.

16. High security:

Samsung phones come with factory reset protection (FRP) that can prevent the reset of your phone by an unauthorized user. Your data will keep stored in your phone and no one can reset your phone without your permission. Knox Security is another security feature that Samsung provides on their phones. Knox helps you protect and encrypt your data. You can safely store your sensitive data on your phone and Samsung give protection to your data through biometrics, PINs, Samsung Pass and authentication keys.

17. Integration with TV:

You can watch your Samsung screen on TV by attaching an MHL cable to your phone and TV. You can also attach your Samsung phone with a projector by using HDMI input.

18. Attach with Samsung printer:

If you want to print a document from your Samsung phone then it is easy. You can connect your phone wirelessly with a Samsung printer. For printing, you need to install Samsung mobile print app that can help you with printing tasks.

19. Better protection from viruses:

Samsung phones provide image guard security by using a virus removed from the images. When you download the image from WhatsApp and other apps then some users attach viruses to the images. The Samsung phone scans all images that are stored in your phone.

20. VR support:

VR stands for virtual reality by which you can virtually go to any place and can feel the real-time experience in that place. Samsung phone allows you to experience virtual reality on your phone.

21. Ideal for office work:

You can install MS Office and Google workspace apps on your Samsung phone and do work on Excel, Word, and PowerPoint. You can also store your important files on Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive.

22. 5G support:

Samsung phones also come with 5G support by which you can use the internet with fast speed. You can download large files and stream HD videos easily.

Disadvantages of Samsung Phones

Some drawbacks of Samsung phones are:-

  1. Battery drains fast:

One issue with the Samsung phone is that its battery drains fast if you use your phone for gaming or for watching videos. The processor in the Samsung phone consumes the battery fast. If you compare this with other phone brands then the battery performance in other phone brands is good.

2. Preloaded apps:

One issue with Samsung phone is that it comes with preinstalled apps like Chrome, Facebook, Youtube, Google Maps, Drive, Instagram, Netflix and other apps. You cannot uninstall these preloaded apps and they occupy a lot of storage space.

3. Handling notifications:

Samsung also makes curved phones like Galaxy Z Fold and Galaxy Z Flip. In these types of phones, notifications are difficult to handle. Sometimes you miss important notifications because you will not hear the notification voice and because some notifications do not show up.

4. Storage issue:

If you buy a budget Samsung phone then you will face the problem of storage. You become limited in installing apps. For installing more apps your storage becomes less. You can also attach a microSD card to your phone but your phone becomes slow if you install apps on a microSD card.

5. Freezing of screen:

If you install too many apps on your phone then your screen freezes sometimes. The screen becomes unresponsive when you scroll through different apps. Also sometimes the home screen becomes stuck in some cases.

6. Phone restart automatically:

Some google play apps do not work properly on Samsung phones. These apps may freeze your phone and the phone may restart automatically also.

7. Heavyweight:

Some Samsung phones have a high weight due to heavy hardware usage. When you use to carry your phone in your pocket then you will feel that your phone is a heavyweight. Also, it becomes difficult to use the phone because of the high weight that you feel in your hands.

8. Customization of phone:

Most phone brands enable us to use rooting on the phone. By rooting you can get full control over the phone OS and also can change the OS code. By rooting you can better customize the phone according to your needs. But Samsung phones do not allow rooting in their phones. The developers who need rooting in their phones hesitate to buy Samsung phones.

9. Taking indoor pictures:

Samsung phones are not good at taking indoor pictures. Apple iPhone takes good pictures indoors and also recording videos with iPhone is better than the Samsung phone.

10. Exynos processor:

Old Samsung phones use Exynos processors which have not have good performance nowadays. The Exynos processor slows down your phone when you use WhatsApp or while playing games.

11. Heat up quickly:

If you watch any live stream on your Samsung phone then it becomes hot quickly. Also if you play heavy games then your phone becomes hot. No better cooling system is available that can cool down the phone processor and battery. The back of your phone often becomes hot and you cannot use your phone for a longer period.

12. Expensive than other brands:

Samsung phones are more expensive than other phone brands like Vivo, Oppo, and Xiaomi. The other phone brands come with similar specifications like RAM and processor but have low prices than Samsung phones.

13. Buy extra accessories:

As you know some popular phone brands like Oppo give you a back cover and screen protector in the box but Samsung phones do not provide you screen protector and back cover. You need to invest extra money to buy extra accessories for protecting your phone. If you do not attach the back cover to your Samsung phone then after a few days of use your back casing becomes full of scratches.

14. Shifting from other brands:

Some users don’t feel satisfied if they move from other phone brands to Samsung phones. They mostly like their old phone brands and keep using them.

Examples of Samsung Phones

Some popular Samsung phones are:-

  • Galaxy S Series Phones
  • Galaxy Z Fold Series Phones
  • Galaxy Z Flip Series Phones
  • Galaxy Note Series Phones

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