Definition of smartphones

The smartphone is a mobile phone which works as a computer with a touchscreen interface. You can use a smartphone for business purposes, for entertainment and communication. You can download and install apps on your smartphone with the help of the internet.

The first smartphone was developed by IBM in 1992 named Simon Personal Communicator. This smartphone was available to the general public in 1994.

Let’s now discuss some advantages and disadvantages of smartphones.

Pros of smartphones

Some pros of smartphones are:-

  1. Education:

You can use smartphones for your studies. Students can take notes on smartphones and also do research work on smartphones.

2. Entertainment:

You can watch movies, play songs, and also play games on your smartphone. Now smartphones are coming with large screens by which you can entertain yourself with a big screen. The pixel density of new smartphones is also high which helps you to view videos and pictures with high quality.

3. Social networking:

There are millions of social apps available in app stores. You can download social networking apps on your phone and communicate with your friends. You can share your feelings with your photos, videos or other information topics.

4. Earn money:

You can also earn money through your smartphone. For example, you can create an account on Bigo, Likee, and other live-streaming apps and earn coins that you can then withdraw. You can also do freelancing work on your smartphone like publishing articles or other social networking tasks.

5. Stock market:

The stock market is a great opportunity for earning money. If you have an investment then you can work in the stock market. All the stock broker companies have now apps available that you download on your smartphone. You can buy and sell shares/stocks in the stock market and earn money daily.

6. Checking weather:

If you want to go outside home then checking the weather is very important. The problem of checking the weather is also solved if you have a smartphone. You can check hourly, daily or weekly weather in your area with the help of your smartphone.

7. Checking your location:

If you go to any place and forget about your location then your smartphone can also help you in this situation. You have maps available on your smartphone. With the help of a map on your smartphone, you can check your location and also go to any place you want.

8. Calculator and torch:

If you want to do any calculation work then it is now easily done with your smartphone. All smartphones have an advanced calculator installed in the phone by which you can do your calculations. If you want to travel in a dark place then it is also possible because smartphones have a torch built-in in the phone.

9. Reading eBooks:

You can also read religious, entertainment or any other type of eBooks through your smartphone. There are many book-reading apps available on your smartphone app stores.

10. Radio:

Almost all new smartphones come with a radio. You can listen to the radio and get the latest news and also listen to songs on your radio.

11. Shopping online:

You can shop online and order your favourite foods or groceries. You can also order books, toys for your kids, or any other item online.

12. Increase your productivity:

You can increase your productivity by using different apps like to-do list apps, calendars, and collaboration tools. You can work efficiently at home or in your office by using these apps.

13. Improve your health:

It is now easy to track your footsteps, count down your exercise steps, and live your life with a good diet. There are many fitness apps available to be installed on your smartphone that can surely change your lifestyle.

14. Pay online bills and transfer money:

You can do online banking on your smartphone and pay utility bills online through banking apps. You can also transfer money online and do online transactions all over the world.

15. Helps in an emergency:

You can call to hospital, police or any emergency department and get help from them. You can communicate with them describe your situation and ask them for guidance.

16. Get daily news:

If you use YouTube, Facebook or Twitter then you can get daily news from these apps. All TV and news channels have accounts on these social apps. You can keep in touch with these apps to get the latest news from them.

17. Booking tickets:

If you like to travel then you can book your airline, railway or bus tickets online through your smartphone. You can also book a taxi through your smartphone online. It only takes a few clicks on your smartphone to book your tickets.

18. Translating languages:

If you are living abroad and have difficulty understanding a foreign language then a smartphone can also help you in this situation. There are various translation apps available on your smartphone that you can install on your phone and translate any language to your language.

19. Online office:

You can also do your office work online while travelling. You can check your emails, type documents and collaborate with your team through your smartphone.

20. Living organized life:

You can organize your daily life easily with your smartphone. You can take important notes, make to-do lists, make reminders and note down important appointments in your calendar app.

21. Make customization:

You can change the look and feel of your smartphone by using different themes and colour combinations. Many wallpapers, widgets and other apps can change your device’s appearance.

22. Applying filters to your face:

You can change your face in live chat through different filters on your smartphone. You can also record a video by changing your face and other body parts.

23. Protecting yourself:

You can protect your data in your smartphone by different methods like finger locking, pin code, face detection and pattern lock.

Cons of smartphones

Some cons of smartphones are:-

  1. Health problems:

If you use a smartphone for a longer time then it can cause eye strain, and neck pain and disturb your sleep. Smartphones emit blue light from screens that cause health problems.

2. Addiction:

Smartphone has many social apps that are so interesting that we become addicted to them. We cannot live without using smartphones and it impacts our social life.

3. Time wastage:

If we use smartphones for longer periods then we miss important tasks. For example, if we use smartphones in the office or school then we miss our studies and office work.

4. Lack of physical interaction:

Smartphone usage makes us alone and we do not do physical face-to-face interaction. We start lacking social interaction and become lonely.

5. Privacy of data:

If we use social networking sites and share our data like our location, pictures and videos then someone can blackmail us also. Sometimes we also share our bank details or mobile numbers by which we lose our money.

6. Car accidents:

If we smartphones while driving a car or motor bike then we may face accidents. We lose our lives also if we use smartphones while driving.

7. High cost:

Smartphones have higher prices and buying a good smartphone is not possible for everyone. There are extra internet package charges also. If we use some paid apps then it costs extra money as well.

8. Memory lose:

If we use smartphones for more extended periods then our memory becomes weak. This is because we solve every problem by using smartphones and we don’t use our minds.

9. Fake apps:

There are some fake apps present in app stores that do fraud to people. For example, some loan apps can do fraud with you.

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