Firefox 4 new features

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Firefox is getting his value in the market everyday. The firefox is most popular because of its add-ons and speed. Now the new firefox 4 is expected to have speed of about 6 times more than before. Firefox team has made many changes in new version and removed some bugs from the older release. Some bugs still may come in new release of firefox 4.

firefox 4 features
firefox 4 features

So let me discuss the new features of firefox 4:-

  • Now you can create App tab by just right clicking on any tab and then select “pin as App tab”. These tab stay on top of the browser even you are browsing to the other tabs. Whenever there is any update in the App tab then the tab will glow. The glow may happen when you got any new message on the facebook etc.
  • The tabs are now placed on top of the search bar. This is because the ease of using add-ons in firefox and handling the space of the add-ons.
  • You can switch to App tab by typing the website address in the address bar.
  • Sync across multiple devices is now finally added to the firefox 4. This feature is already in opera and chrome. By this feature you can have your bookmarks , passwords, remember form fields, open tabs and other options on any computer you are working with.
  • Panorama or tab candy is another feature added to the firefox 4. By it you can add multiple tabs into groups. To enable this feature you have to select it on the upper right corner of the firefox and blank workspace opens with the icons of each tab. You can create group by bringing two icons of tabs to each other.

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