As you know android os is catching the market nowadays and is much better than ios of iphone. The speed of android is much faster than ios. With the popularity of android more and more developers come to make android software and games. Suppose you do make software and sell in market and if you not get full payment then what will happen to you. You will surely become sad about how you work hard and you not getting full money for your work. Similarly is the case with android developers. They are not getting their full money because of google checkout service. They posted their problems that they are getting less than half of money for their software products.

Android developer problems

Android developer problems

When more and more people discussing the same problem on forums then google replied to their messages and said:-

Thanks for posting and for your patience. We’re aware of the issue, and we’re working on fixing it. Once the fix goes out (soon!), orders should be moved to the correct state, which will enable disbursement amounts to be recovered. So if your July activity payouts were underpaid, you will be notified, and your September 1 payout will contain the missing amounts.

As you all know google is the number one ranking companies on internet so google not want to do any wrong with his customers. Hope google will check out its service and remove the problems that create all this frustrations.

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