Blackberry has its own style and value in mobile world. Blackberry has decided to come up with new operating system which has better features and performance than those older versions of operating system. There are other mobile os also like ios and android so blackberry has to give extra ordinary features to better compete with ios and android.

Blackberry os6 vs os7

Blackberry os6 vs os7

So today I decided to give you list of features that are improved and added in blackberry os 7. Some good features of os 6 are contained in os 7 also. So here are the features:-

  • Now searching can be done with voice commands also. You speak the word you want to search for and search function comes into play and gives you a broad search results with each result in its own category.
  • In blackberry os6 the html5 support was not good and was limited. With the release of os7, html5 pages opens faster and supports advanced features of html5 like you can play html5 video in your mobile set also.
  • Browser in os 7 is faster than os 6. Now the web pages open faster and you can zoom in and out much quicker than os 6 browser.
  • Javascript support is also improved with just in time compiler embedded with browser. Now javascript loads quickly.
  • NFC os comes with os 7 with which you can easily transfer payments online. You can also handle photos, files, and other stuff better with NFC.
  • Liquid graphics is added in os7 which gives smoother and faster navigation of your screen. You can view the pictures in better way than before. And high quality videos also play very well now.
  • Interface of home page is same as before in blackberry os6 but you can find other interface in os7 more eyes catching than before.
  • RIM support is included with os 7
  • As you all waiting for flash support so blackberry has now added flash support in os 7 also.
  • You can now bookmark the news in websites in blackberry os7 so whenever you want to read that news again it is handy to come back.
  • Facebook is now well managed in os 7. You can also have icon of chat in facebook app.
  • Icons are bigger in blackberry os 7 so you can have better display of icons.
  •  Now there is global search you can perform in os 7 and is much faster than os 6. You can also integrate google search with that search also.

So I suggest you to buy the blackberry set which has support of os7 so that you can have much better experience using it.

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