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I have used many mobile phones and I have good experience with mobile cameras. Before coming to the main part of this topic let me tell you one thing. When first mobile generation comes into existence then manual cameras were used and the sale of normal cameras was high. Now when the new models of mobiles come, more competition between the mobile companies is introduced. All the mobile companies wanted to have good features in their mobile sets. The camera introduced in iphone before 4s was not in good quality. In 4s iphone the quality of camera is better than before.

Nokia N8 best camera mobile phone
Nokia N8 best camera mobile phone

But the mobile camera I have noted in the nokia company mobile sets is best than all other companies. I have used many mobile sets with camera like iphone, LG, Samsung but all are far behind nokia. Now the nokia N8 comes with 12 mega pixel camera. The default in other company’s mobile sets is that some time the voice and video not run at the same time and some delay in voice and video exists. But in nokia sets voice and video run smooth with each other.

So I hope you prefer nokia sets if you don’t want to waste your money.

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