Why blackberry is going in loss

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As you already know that blackberry has announced a loss of 125 million in 2012. There are many factors behind this loss. The most important factor is that users of mobiles are now more interested to use large screen touch phones. Blackberry is coming with same design in mind from its start when they release their first handset. They are not interested to make evolvement in their sets due to likeliness of their users.

Blackberry going down - Why?
Blackberry going down - Why?

Some of blackberry staff is losing their jobs due to such loss in the company. Now new competitors are coming in the mobile manufacturing and old companies like apple, Samsung, android and Microsoft. So it is looking impossible for RIM (Creator of Blackberry) to compete with such bigger companies. Now Heins(The new Ceo of RIM) is willing to sell blackberry. I think heins has discouraged due to such loss. But he said that this loss is not due to 25% decrease in sold blackberry phone sets and tablets but this loss is due to expenses of creation of blackberry 7. What else you want to say heins?

All that loss of blackberry is because it is not following the strategy that other companies is like if you look at Samsung then it has variety of phone designs from touch screen to normal handsets. And Samsung phones have good quality camera. So what the heck blackberry is making. I know blackberry has earned above 900 million profits last year but they don’t think about the future. So now if they can make any new change then they may succeed in near future.

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