Samsung galaxy grand has come up with nice design. The design resemble Samsung galaxy note. In the below picture you can see the different features of Samsung galaxy grand:-

Samsung galaxy grand full specification

Samsung galaxy grand full specification

Galaxy grand is an economic phone which is more suited for Asian countries. Here are the specification and features of Samsung galaxy grand:-

  • It has 5 inch display.
  • The screen resolution is 800 x 480 pixels.
  • Pixel density of galaxy grand is 186 ppi.
  • Processor is 1.2 GHZ and is dual core.
  • It has 1 GB of RAM.
  • Comes with 8 GB of internal memory.
  • Supports 802.11 of Wi-Fi.
  • Bluetooth of 4.0 LE.
  • Real facing camera of 8 MP.
  • Front facing camera of 2 MP.
  • Battery is of capacity 2100 mAh.
  • 9 to 10 hours of talk time.
  • Dual SIM and single SIM version are supported.
  • Video can be played in small popup window which is also visible while using other features of galaxy grand.
  • Samsung galaxy grand comes with android Jelly Bean (4.1.2 version).
  • As this phone is multi SIM so it becomes more popular in Asia, Africa, China and India.
  • Samsung has good name in mobile world so galaxy grand would have good response from China.
  • It also has micro SD which can exceed up to 64 GB.
  • The design looks quite same as Samsung galaxy note 2.
  • The size is little bit larger than galaxy s3 but smaller in size than galaxy note.
  • Samsung galaxy grand weighs about 162 g.
  • Width is 76.9 mm.
  • Height is 143.5 mm.
  • Thickness is 9.6mm.
  • The big feature of galaxy grand is that it has dual SIM which is currently not supported by any other smartphone in the market.
  • Other feature is smart alert and popup video.
  • Also supports stereo FM radio.
  • S voice is build-in which is a type of virtual assistance.

The price range of that type of smartphone range from $100 to $150 as it has low resolution. The important aspect in user eyes is screen size. If the smartphone has big screen then it feels good while keeping in hand. And you can watch videos and play games in bigger screen. Samsung galaxy grand has come up with same result (big screen) and it also has nice design which attracts your eyes at first look. Samsung is growing in popularity day by day and launching nice and attractive phones on the basis of recent research.

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