Samsung galaxy Note 2 and Samsung galaxy S3 are the modern smart phones that come up with a decent outlook and great size. When you tend to use these smartphones then your first attention will be their size. You cannot use these phones easily with one hand because of big size they have. Both these smartphones comes with android installed in them but with different versions.

Samsung galaxy s3 vs Note 2

Samsung Galaxy s3 vs Note 2

Let me now describe in detail about different aspects of Samsung galaxy S3 and Note 2.

Screen dimension and phone size:

Samsung galaxy S3 has following:-

  • Screen dimension is 1280 x 720 pixels.
  • Screen size is 4.8 inch.
  • Width is 70.6 mm.
  • Height is 136.6 mm.
  • Thickness is 8.6 mm.

Samsung galaxy Note 2 has following:-

  • Screen dimension is same as S3 i.e. 1280 x 720 pixels.
  • Screen size is 5.5 inch.
  • Width is 80.5 mm.
  • Height is 151.1 mm.
  • Thickness is 9.4 mm.

Screen sharpness and weight:

Both the devices have good sharpness in screen as both uses super Amoled technology for display. But Samsung galaxy S3 has higher pixel density of 305 ppi so its screen is little bit sharper as compared to Samsung galaxy Note 2 which has pixel density of 267 ppi. As galaxy Note 2 has big screen size so it weight is also high i.e. 180 g while galaxy S3 weighs about 133 g.

Internal and external memory:

Both devices come with same internal and external memory sizes i.e. 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB.

Processor specification:

These devices have processor of Exynos Quad core with A9 chip system embedded. But the processor speed differs in both devices. Galaxy Note 2 has processor speed of 1.6 GHZ while galaxy S3 has processor of 1.4 GHZ.

Operating system:

Galaxy S3 has built-in android OS 4.0 (Ice cream version) when it is launched first time. Galaxy Note 2 comes with android Jelly bean of version 4.1 installed.

Video recording and photo capturing:

Both these smartphones has high quality rear facing camera of 8 MP. Galaxy S3 has front facing camera of 2 MP but galaxy Note 2 has front facing camera of 1.9 MP. Both front facing cameras captures nice videos. In high light these cameras take pictures in very high quality as compared to low light.

Battery capacity:

Galaxy S3 comes with 2100 mAh battery with talk time of 10 hours while galaxy Note 2 has 3100 mAh battery capacity.

RAM capacity:

  • Samsung galaxy S3 has about 1 GB of RAM.
  • Samsung galaxy Note 2 has RAM of 2 GB.

Similarities of samsang galaxy S3 and Note 2:

  • Bluetooth 4.0.
  • Wi-Fi 802.11.
  • USB attachment.
  • Supports micro USB.
  • Supports 3G and 4G.
  • Sound during call is same in both sets and with high quality.
  • Gmail management is same in both smartphones.
  • Best advantage is using Google docs on these sets.

Salient features of Samsung galaxy Note 2:

  • 100 mbps of download speed.
  • 50 mbps of upload speed.
  • Jelly bean which is an operation system installed on galaxy Note 2 has more accuracy and better performance than Siri.
  • S Pen has big advantage in Note 2 as compared to S3.
  • S Beam is a feature with which you can easily transfer data from two sets by placing them near to each other.
  • Popup Note comes when you double click on screen by S Pen and this is used to make quick notes.
  • There is another feature called “All Share Play” which is used to share your Note 2 screen on bigger screen e.g. playing games.
  • “All Share Cast” is a feature in galaxy Note 2 which is used to connect your set with your PC remotely. You can share files and pictures and every watch videos.

Samsung galaxy S3 also supports NFC. So it depends upon you whether you want a big screen phone or little big screen phone. Both these phones have high demand in market and are now famous in the world.

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