Everyone these days are looking for big screen devices. So companies are making devices with more display size due to user interest. Old mobiles are now used by only people who feel comfortable in using it and have difficulty in understanding how to operate smartphone. The basic idea of allowing big screen was that there are some apps now available that consume more space and is more interactive for big screens.

Tablet vs smartphone

Tablet vs smartphone

So today I am going to tell you why to use smartphone other than tablet and regular mobiles.

Smartphone normally not hang up:-

If you use tablet then most of time they hang up and stop working for some time. So smartphone and regular mobiles never stop working and if it stops working then it is very rare cases as compared to tablets.

Smartphone has long battery life:-

Tablets usually become hot so quickly and it feels hot in your hands when using tablets and they consume more power so battery losses quickly. So you have to turn on and off many times that is not good.

Tablets boot up slowly:-

Tablets takes more time to start and load so I suggest to use regular mobile and smartphone if you don’t want to waste your time every time you start.

Smartphones are better for travelers:-

If you travel most of time then handling tablet is difficult and due to low battery timing it not works all the time. So better is to use regular mobile and smartphone when you travel.

Tablets have high weight:-

I have used both tablets and smartphones and I feel comfortable using smartphone. If you are handling large weight on your hands then your arms become tired quickly.

Using with one hand:-

Using tablets with one hand is very difficult so smartphone has other edge on tablet. If you are busy working then you can handle mobile easily in one hand and work with other hand.

So there are many advantages of using regular phone or smartphone over tablets. Tablet is like a pc that has more features that you don’t need most of time. So better to stay with small size that you can use easily and fast.

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