You are wondering about how 128 GB memory is achieved for micro SD card? The science has made a remarkable invention. The first micro SD card was 128 MB of space. The reward of making such a card goes to SanDisk Company which is already making lot of efforts during the past. SanDisk has also won global innovator award in 2013 where it compete with top 100 companies of the world. The technology is achieved by making modules of memory which is less that human hair and placing them on top of each other. The technology is implemented on devices using UHS-1 interface which is valid for microSDHC standard.

Micro SD card of 128 GB memory

Sanddisk 128GB Card

Now you can record a 24 hour HD video on your mobile and tablet by using this 128 GB card. This card is now available for sale on and After few days this micro SD card is also available for sale world-wide. The technology has changed very fast and 2014 is the year in which a massive space of card is made. Now you don’t have to worry about storing your photos and videos on your mobile and tablet. SanDisk has also announced that an app for android will be also available named OptiMem. The OptiMem app will be able to tell you when your memory is near to end and it is able to transfer data to and from micro SD with high speed.

Now the world is changed and technology is making the human life easier and fairly simpler. This invention of technology has made Apple to worry. Apple has to do something important for their future iphone and ipad development. Till now the 64 GB of space was available for any micro SD card all over the world. Now all the big companies have to reach that technology to compete with their competitors.

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