Samsung galaxy series get valid feedback from the buyers and it tends to sale out widely with every release of its new versions. Galaxy s3 get more sales than any other phone. But galaxy s4 and s5 have tremendous features and some of features are little different and there are some similarities between both the smartphones that we will also discuss. So let me differentiate between both these smartphones first.

Samsung galaxy s4 vs s5:-

comparison between samsung galaxy s4 and s5
comparison between samsung galaxy s4 and s5


  • Samsung galaxy s5 is 8.1 mm in thickness and 72.55mm is its width
  • Samsung galaxy s4 is 7.9mm in thickness and width is 70mm


  • Galaxy s5 weighs about 145g
  • Galaxy s4 is 130g in weight

Water resistance:-

  • Galaxy s5 is water resistant and it uses IP67 certification as a tool for this and also rubber-sealed do the water resistance
  • Galaxy s4 will die if you put it in water


  • Galaxy s5 has extra sensors like finger print scanner and heart rate sensor. For using finger print sensor you have to swipe finger from top to bottom to unlock the phone and to do the payments via Paypal. While in iPhone 5S there is TouchID sensor which performs same function but in s5 you have to swipe across
  • Galaxy s4  not comes with fingerprint scanner but with usual select button

Color availability:-

  • Samsung galaxy s5 comes in four colors i.e. white, black, gold and blue
  • Samsung galaxy s4 has 6 color options i.e. white, black with silver touch, blue, red, white and purple

Size of phone:-

  • Galaxy s5 is 5.1 inch in screen size
  • Galaxy s4 has 5 inch screen

Processor type:-

  • Samsung galaxy s5 has quad core 2.5 Ghz processor of snapdragon 8.1 which is faster than s4. The benchmark app gets noticed clearly of the difference. If you compare scores in Geekbench 3 then s5 has 2908 score as compared to 2240 score of s4.
  • Samsung galaxy s4 has processor of snapdragon 600 with quadcore 1.9GHz
  • Galaxy s5 has also upgrade of Adreno i.e. from 320 to 330
  • CPU of s5 is also powerful
  • Galaxy s5 GPU is also improved and runs at 578MHz

mircoUSB support:-

  • Galaxy s5 comes with microUSB 3.0 while Galaxy s4 has normal microUSB


  • Galaxy s5 has 16 megapixel of camera and TBC of 1/3.2 inch with LED flash and hybrid AF system. Galaxy s5 has aspect ratio of 16:9. Camera is also in different shape than s4. Image taken by s5 is sharper in detail and quality. S5 captures photos in low light with auto mode on with good sharpness.
  • Galaxy s4 has 13 megapixel camera and AF system with contrast in detection. Galaxy s4 has 4:3 of aspect ratio. S4 actually crop with images you take with 13 MP to 9.6 MP

Sound quality:-

  • Samsung galaxy s5 and s4 has poor sound quality. If you want to have good quality phone than you can try HTC One M8


  • Galaxy s5 has larger 2800 mAh battery with 10.78 Wh and lasts in 14 hours in video play back. S5 has additional saving mode for battery also.
  • Galaxy s4 comes with 2600 mAh battery of 9.88 Wh which spends 11 hours if you play video. S4 has normal saving of power
Galaxy s4 vs s5
Galaxy s4 vs s5

Galaxy s5 has better back cover just like Galaxy Note 3 leather cover. If you compare with previous versions of S mobiles the cover get improved in s4 and s5. S5 is wider, thicker and heavier than s4. 15 g more heavy get your hand facing more problems.

S5 is 0.2 mm thicker than counterpart s4 which is more easy to use in one hand. S5 is 2mm wider and 1cm taller than s4.

In s5 the heart beat feature is very nice and is used in S Health app while in s4 same functionality can be achieved with 3rd party apps with camera and Led flash. If you talk about colors than with passage of time s4 has many color variation available but few of color combination is available for UK.

Storage in smartphone take important notice while using and storing lot of data. Samsung galaxy s4 comes with 16 GB and 32 GB but low storage phone sale more in case of s4. Some of s4 phones also launched with 64 GB but it lack customer interest so it not get introduced later.

S5 uses finger print scanner which unlike iPhone 5S touch ID sensor. In s5 you have to swipe across a finger to unlock and identify yourself.

Heart rate sensor in s5 is different than other sensor apps of iPhones and Android.

Samsung galaxy s5 has USB 3.0 port which has faster data transfer and charging is also faster than s4. S5 also comes with improved version of Samsung touch wiz interface.

Similarities between Samsung galaxy s4 an s5:-

  • S4 and s5 has android 4.4 which has touch wiz
  • For battery change you have to take back cover which is awesome and is common in most of latest smartphones these days.
  • Both s4 and s5 comes with 1080p of Super AMOLED screen
  • 16 and 32 GB of storage is available for both sets and is extensible to 128 GB
  • 2 GB of RAM
  • LED flash
  • For speakers both smartphones have single output on back side
  • If you have left with last 8-10% battery you can turn on saving mode and spends all the day using the phone without charging it

Which phone to buy:-

Samsung galaxy s5 has better screen size and software is also improved in it. It has added feature of fingerprint and heart rate sensor so I better to try s5 if you have not buy s4 before.

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