Microsoft is coming to mobile world after success of Apple and Samsung mobiles. The invention of some of latest technology insist mobiles to sell with more numbers. Microsoft release 8.1 version for windows phone so now all new smartphones comes with this latest release. Nokia is also embedded with same operating system in new mobile sets. Cortana also comes with windows 8.1 version of OS. Some of the advantages of Cortana that I found awesome are as follows:-

  • Cortana comes with different voice ascent for different countries like for china it is in Chinese voice and for UK and United States it is in UK voice. If we compare with siri then this smartphone is more adaptive as of siri
  • The native language for the phone is Mandarin
  • In china Cortana comes in oval shape
  • It has special in car Bluetooth and great reminder notification
  • For Canada, india and Australia the language of phone is English
  • Dual sim version of Cortana supports GSM and CDMA
  • The screen resolution of phone is 960 X 540
  • With windows 8.1 we get Bluetooth smart which saves energy
  • Fitbit feature in the phone get you notification without full synchronizing
  • You can select multiple folders and items at once for deletion and selection
  • Kid’s corner extension of phone gets more useful

With new version of windows 8.1, Microsoft decides to come up with HTC One M8 like phone which has nice dot cover. Uk phone sets of Cortana comes with London stock exchange updates.

Now let me discuss difference between Cortana and Apple Siri

windows cortana is better than siri

windows cortana is better than siri

Cortana vs Siri

Microsoft recently launched a video that elaborate the performance of Cortana compared with siri. So the important points I noted in the video are as:-

  • You can schedule birthday reminders by voice assistance in Cortana e.g. if your friend call you next time you can offer her birthday wishes by using voice assistance
  • If your friend comes to flower shop you can be reminded. You can do this by voice assistant also.
  • Siri does not offer support for above two things I discussed
  • Other feature of Cortana is to remind you for traffic delays also

Microsoft is planning to may get feature in Cortana to embed with iOS and android.

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