Advantages and disadvantages of iOS operating system

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iOS is a mobile operating system developed by Apple company. iOS is a short form of the iPhone operating system. iOS first version was released in 2007. The current stable version of iOS is 13 and iOS 14 beta version is released these days. iOS 14 stable version is near to release. iOS is used for iPhone devices while iWatch and iPad have a different operating system named watchOS and iPadOS respectively.

iOS is the second most used mobile operating system after Android. iOS has generated $54 billion revenue in 2019 while the android app store generated $39 billion revenue in 2019. Apple Company has most of its users from developed countries. Apple app store has above 2 million apps.

Pros and cons of iOS operating system

iOS has some pros and cons that are explained below.

Advantages of iOS

Easy to use:

iOS has a simple interface that helps its users to use the mobile device easily. If you have an old iPhone and you want to move to a new iPhone device then you will not feel any major change in the UI (user interface).

Ideal for app developers:

Android has a vast range of devices will different screen sizes and it becomes very difficult for app developers to make the app for different screen sizes. But iOS has few devices and developers can make apps easily.

Heat generation:

Apple iPhone generates less heat while you are using the phone. The apps in iPhone use the battery more efficiently and thus generates less heat.

Google maps:

Apple users say that they have good experience using Google maps and android lacks some features of Google maps.


iPhone users have great experience in playing games. The games are built by top-notch companies and all games have to go through app approval teams. Only those games are approved which have no problem in their code and which can run smoothly in the device.

Used for business:

There are various apps available in the app store that can help in running your business.  You can store your important documents on the iPhone/iPad. You can edit/view your documents by using Office365 app.


You can use media like images, animated gifs, videos, and vines in your device and your time will be spent well. iOS devices give enough storage to store your media files. iPhone 11 pro gives you storage of 64GB, 256GB and 512GB that is enough for storing any kind of media files. You can also get more space by using iCloud services.


The overall performance of iOS is good. Whether you are playing games or using any other app, your device will not hang. New iOS versions are getting better than before and their performance is improving.


As apps in the Apple app store have to go through a strict approval process so only apps with better security are approved. You cannot expect your phone is in danger and there are very fewer chances that your phone gets any virus or malicious code inserted. You can secure your phone by using face detection or using the fingerprint sensor.

Supports multi-language:

You have the choice to choose any language in your device. There is plenty of language support for your device. iOS currently supports 21 languages including Spanish, Chinese and Portuguese.


Jailbreaking is the process by which you can install apps in your iPhone without authorizing apps from Apple app store. You can customize your iPhone by doing jailbreaking.

Many apps:

There are more than 2 million apps available in Apple app store and you can choose any app that suits your needs. All apps give users a better experience. You can either choose free apps like Youtube, Facebook or use any paid apps like Minecraft, Monopoly etc.

Better camera:

iOS provides a better camera experience. You can edit live photos and there are also QR detection codes supported by iOS. Cameras in iOS use less power and give a high-speed performance.


There are a lot of gestures supported by iOS. For example, you can shake your device to undo the things you did recently.

Communication between devices:

You can connect your iPhone to AirPlay, Apple TV and HDTV and stream videos easily.


You can do multiple tasks at one time in iOS. You can listen to your music and typing in any document easily.

Disadvantages of iOS

Same icons:

iPhone has similar icons on the home screen and these icons have the same design as previous versions. The home screen looks the same when you upgrade iOS to new version i.e you will see the same style of icons on the home screen.

Very simple:

iOS devices are very simple in look and you cannot use as your computer. But if you compare this with android devices then you can perform your computer work in devices also.

Apps are costly:

The apps are costly in price and there is no widget support for the apps. If you compare apps with android then most of the android apps are free to use.

Limited devices:

iOS only runs on Apple devices and users have to keep stick with similar look and feel of the UI. As you know android has a vast range of devices and each device has its custom UI due to customization of android.

Not open source:

iOS is not open-source that mean you cannot customize and cannot use iOS on devices other than Apple devices. If you consider android then it can be customized easily by any mobile company like Samsung, Huawei or HTC.

App approval:

It is very difficult for the app to get approved. Developers have to wait for at least 7 days for app approval and most of the time app doesn’t get approved.

No SD card:

iPhone and iPad do not provide SD card. If you want to increase your storage then you have to buy a new device that has more storage.

Battery timing:

If you use 3G/4G on your iPhone device then your battery will vanish quickly. This is because apps like Instagram and Pinterest use high data and thus consumes more battery.

Repairing is expensive:

If your device gets any hardware or software problem then it is very expensive to repair the device. The reason behind this is there are few repair shops for iPhone devices.

Supports single sim:

Apple devices only support single mobile sim. If you have more than one mobile sim then it you have replaced the sim again and again.

Large apps size:

The apps in iOS have high file size and consume high space in the device. Most of the gaming apps have download size in GB (gigabytes).

NFC and radio:

iOS does not provide NFC and radio support. NFC provides communication between nearby devices but it is not supported by iOS. If you want to listen to the radio then you have to download radio apps and radio is not built-in in iOS devices. On android, radio comes built-in in devices.

Addictive UI:

The UI of Apple device is very addictive to use. If you have used any Apple device like iPhone, iPad, iWatch you cannot move to other devices because the look and feel of the devices are very addictive.

Changing ring tunes:

It is not possible to change your ring tunes in iOS and you have to stick with default ring tones. You can use any alternative method for changing ring tunes.

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