We are living in the age of the mobile world. Mobile is a wireless device. Other wireless devices include tablet, iWatch, laptop, iPods, netbooks and many other categories of devices. We use mobile devices in everyday life. Mobile has become a necessity in our life. We connect with our friends and family members through the mobile network. There are about 450 million mobile users who use the mobile internet.

Mobile Network

Let me define mobile network:-

A mobile network is a connection of wireless devices (e.g. smartphone, tablet, netbook and laptop,) with other wireless devices through mobile infrastructure. The mobile device can share data like images, voice, text messages, videos, and other data.

Now I describe mobile infrastructure. It consists of equipment of telecom companies. Mobile equipment includes:-

  • Mobile towers that we see in every location. This includes long antennas at top of the mobile towers. Mobile towers are also known as transceivers. transceivers are located within specific geolocation areas and these areas are known as cells.
  • Wi-Fi routers connect DSL internet with wireless mobile devices including tablets, laptops and smartphones.
  • Mobile tower switching centre (MTSC). MTSC is owned by telecom companies and it stores data of all mobile users. When we buy mobile sims then mobile companies get information from us. For example, our name, location, the profession is stored by mobile companies. All this type of information is stored in MTSC.

Now let me explain some pros and cons of a mobile network.

Advantages of the mobile network:


Our productivity increase when we use mobile devices. Many productivity apps can help us manage our time. We can save time for our clients/customers by using a mobile device. For example, many online shops have online mobile apps by which you can place orders directly from your mobile. Also, there are many todo list apps by which you can schedule your next tasks. Some of the todo list apps include Google Keep, Microsoft Todo, Trello, and Evernote.

Large capacity:

You can install many apps on a normal mobile device. You can store your important documents, photos in cloud-based apps and then later free up your device and your files and photos will not be deleted from cloud-based apps. You also have the option to increase your storage space by using an external memory card.


We use many social networking apps on mobile which entertain us. For example, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, WhatsApp, YouTube and others. You see different news related to the showbiz industry. There are fans of pages of actors and actresses. On YouTube, we see songs and other funny videos. These apps also help us to chat with our clients and give them different services.

Finding your location:

If you have enabled GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) on your mobile and you are connected to the internet then you can find the location you are in. If you go to an unknown place and you want to get back home then you can use the mobile network and with the help of Google maps, you can safely arrive at home.

Use anywhere:

You can use your mobile device in any place. It is seen that most people read to emails, chat with friends in the bathroom also. It is funny but it is a fact that you can use your mobile anywhere you like. Wi-Fi is available in all public and private places. If you go to your office then it has a Wi-Fi connectivity option. Some government organizations, shopping centres also give free access to Wi-Fi in their regions.

Increase communication:

If you are alone in the home and want to talk to someone then there are many apps by which you can talk to your friends and anonymous people and consume your time effectivity. Also if you are a freelancer, self-employed, office man then you can communicate with your clients through the mobile network.

Cloud computing:

Cloud computing means your data is saved in safe places online. And if you lost your device then your data is still saved in these cloud-based apps. There are many cloud-based apps including Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Photos and other apps. Many apps in your mobile use cloud computing to save your gaming data and other app data are also saved in the cloud if you are logged in to the app. You can log in from any device to specific cloud-based apps and you get your information retrieved in those apps.

Less power usage:

Mobile battery consumes low power energy so it is safe in terms of energy. Your electricity bill will not increase so much by using a mobile device.

Cover a large area:

There are few locations where mobile signals are not available. In most areas today you can connect to the internet by using mobile data. Mobile connectivity has a vast coverage area. Also, your mobile company signals not interfere with other mobile company signals.

Making payments:

You can do only payments by using your credit and debit cards. Online payment involves paying utility bills, ordering pizza online, shopping online, filling petrol in the car and paying through credit/debit card.


Students can learn online by using the mobile internet. There are many apps like YouTube, Udemy, Lynda, Khan Academy, Sololearn, Google classroom, etc.

Stock market:

You can check and trade your shares in the stock market by using the mobile network. You can get the updated price of share right from your mobile. Stockbroker gives you access to a mobile terminal and you can do your daily stock business from any place.

Weather forecast:

If you travel to different locations then you check the weather forecast by using the mobile network. You can check the weather of any city or country and have a safe journey. Finding nearby restaurants, sports centres, and shopping malls can also be checked through the mobile network.

Emergency call:

If you face any problem then you can make an emergency call through your mobile network. You can call the police, your relatives, family members or friends for your help in an emergency.


 You can do your yoga exercise by following some videos from YouTube, Facebook, WhatsApp and other places on the mobile internet. You can schedule yourself all day by using different apps on the mobile.

Disadvantages of the mobile network:

Connectivity issue:

Most of the work on the mobile device is done when you are connected to the 3G, 4G, 5G, or Wi-Fi. When you don’t have linked your device to these services or you are disconnected from this service due to a signal problem then your device is useless. You can still play games, take photos but most of your work is stopped and you get disconnected from your family and friends. Connectivity issues also occur due to bad weather or due to the high traffic of mobile users or government issues with the telecom company. If any country faces any domestic issues then they may issue the termination of mobile service for some time. If you keep your phone near to another phone then you may face connectivity issues.

Robbery attacks:

As mobile device is very costly so some thieves can steal your device also. It is also seen that most criminals use mobile networks to perform their bad actions on people. Also, some type of murder attack is carried out with the help of mobile networks. Police can also trace thieves and murderers by getting mobile data including call records, messages through contacting telecom agencies. It is recommended that don’t’ share your data online on your mobile device.

Security issue:

As data in a mobile network is wireless so any hacker can leak your data. Also if you use a VPN (Virtual private network) in your device then it is dangerous for your data on your device. VPN apps can get access to what you do online. Wi-Fi password can also be hacked and your data be accessed by unauthorized users.

Time waste:

Many apps can waste your time. For example, if you play games all night then your eye problem may also arise and you can do some useful work instead of playing games on mobile for a longer period. Using social media also waste your time. Some people feel anxiety, grief and despair if they are away from a mobile device.

Battery issue:

Suppose you are travelling and your battery vanishes then you face many problems. Your mobile will be switched off automatically and your access to the internet and other medium is terminated.

High price:

The price of a good mobile device is very high. A good iPhone costs more than $1000. Some smartphones have prices of $10,000 also. Most people replace their phones within 1-3 years. So their expenses increase by using a mobile device.

Needs training:

Whenever a new technology comes then it needs training for first use. For example, if you use any game the first time then you may face problems. So you get help from other people about how to play this game or how you use any new app.

Less data rate:

Mobile networks have less data transfer rate than DSL and fiber optics. The reason is that fiber optics can carry a lot of data and is also safe to use because its signals not affect common people. But if you use a wireless mobile connection then data rays affect people.


Many accidents occur due to the usage of mobile devices during driving. Most youngsters use a mobile device while driving. Also, many people face accidents while using a mobile device during walking.

Example of mobile network:-

Some examples of the mobile network include:-

  • GSM
  • LTE
  • CDMA

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