History of Blackberry

Blackberry is a Canadian company and was first known as research in motion (RIM). In 2013 Blackberry had 83 million subscribers. In 2016 Blackberry subscribers had reduced to 23 million due to Apple and Android. Blackberry introduced many mobile models including Z10, Q10, Z10, Blackberry Classic and Blackberry Passport.

Blackberry also introduced android mobile phones in 2015 which includes Blackberry DTEK50 and Blackberry Priv slider. Blackberry released another phone named Blackberry KeyOne in 2017. Keyone was having a 4.5-inch screen with a physical keyboard. In 2018 key2 was released in the mobile world. Key2 had a dual camera and had features of optical zoom and portrait mode.

Blackberry Mobiles

Below are some pros and cons of the Blackberry operating system.

Advantages of Blackberry operating system

Used for office purpose:

You can use Blackberry for office use. You can do activities like social media, texting, checking emails, and calendar is some features you get in Blackberry. You can also connect to an MS Office mail server.

Battery life:

Battery timing is good in Blackberry. If you remove the battery and again attach the battery then your data is retained in the mobile. Some Blackberry sets have non-removable battery also. But overall the battery performance is good.

Network technology:

In Blackberry you can get 2G, 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi support. Future models of Blackberry also support 5G.


You can connect to your friends by WhatsApp, Yahoo, Blackberry messenger, and Viber. Call quality in these apps is good and sending and receiving messages is also fast.

Mobile theft:

Blackberry mobiles have GPS feature enabled in them. The price of Blackberry mobiles is high so there are changes to get stolen. But by GPS you can trace your mobile also.

VPN configuration:

The VPN (Virtual private network) configuration in Blackberry is quite easy than other mobile companies.

Push mail:

RIM (Research in motion) incorporated push mail service in Blackberry sets. It is a secure platform for sending and receiving emails.


As most hackers move to android and iOS so Blackberry have few changes of hacker attacks. Blackberry is used by most government agencies because of its good security.

Solid mobile:

If Blackberry fell from your hand on the ground then it will not break and has a solid body than other mobiles in the market.

Call quality:

Blackberry mobile sets like Z10 and Z30 are much better than Samsung Galaxy S3 and S5, iPhone 4, and iPhone 5. The reason is that the call quality of Blackberry is much better than Samsung and iPhone.

Other features:

Some other features of Blackberry are USB support, NFS, screen lock, password protection and sleep mode.

Disadvantages of Blackberry operating system

A small number of apps:

The Blackberry apps are very less than android and iOS. Most developers prefer to make apps for android and iOS because they have a large audience.


The trackball is used to navigate your screen in Blackberry. If you use trackball roughly then it may fall in the ground and you will no longer use the navigation on your Blackberry sets.

Bluetooth sharing:

Bluetooth sharing is hard and difficult to configure in Blackberry.

Unplugging battery:

If you unplug your battery and reattach the battery then it may take 5 to 10 minutes to start your phone because of a security check.

Permissions for messenger:

If you use Blackberry messenger (BBM) then you may need special permission for using BBM in some countries.

Can be stolen:

Blackberry mobiles are costly and some mobiles sets are small as well so it is stolen or fall from your hand easily.

Low processing speed:

The operating system in Blackberry is old and the processing speed is not good as compared to other new mobile sets.

Same features:

All Blackberry phones have nearly the same features and utilities so you may get bored in using new Blackberry sets quickly.

Improper use:

As you have messenger app and other communication apps in Blackberry so most employees waste their time using messenger and don’t focus on their office work. Employees also ignore office emails.

Difficult to use:

Some Blackberry mobile is bigger and heavyweight to put in your pocket. For example, Blackberry bold and Blackberry curve are big phones.

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