iOS is the mobile operating system developed by Apple Company. This operating system runs on iPhones and iPods. iOS was developed by using assembly language, Objective-C, C, C++, and swift.

Android is the mobile operating system developed by Google. This operating system runs on smartphones and tablets. Android was developed by using Java, C, C++ and other languages.

Now let us discuss the comparison between iOS and android:-

iOS is a closed type of operating systemAndroid is an open-source operating system
iOS is available for only Apple smartphoneAndroid is available for many mobile companies. For example, Samsung, VIVO, LG and other companies
iOS has apps placed in the Apple play storeAndroid has apps placed in the Google play store
Siri is the voice assistant in iOSGoogle Assistant is a voice assistant for android
Performance of iOS devices is better than androidAndroid has less performance than iOS
iOS is developed by the Apple companyAndroid is developed by Google LLC
iOS was launched in 2007Android was launched in 2008
Swift is mainly used for developing appsJava and Kotlin are mainly used for developing apps
iOS devices are available in 34 languagesAndroid devices are available in 100+ languages
The kernel in iOS is hybridThe kernel in android is Linux based
Safari is the default browser on iOSChrome is the default browser on android
iOS blocks 3rd party app storesAndroid does not block 3rd party app stores
Difficult to customizeEasy to customize
Uses Apple mapsUsed Google maps
iOS devices are expensive to buyAndroid devices are less expensive than iOS devices

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