Difference between batch and online processing systems

Online processing is very effective these days. If we compare with batch processing system than online systems are expensive. Batch processing work in batches and then jobs is divided into sub jobs and then processed so it don’t need lot of hardware resources. As online processing involve mobiles data also so it is expensive. In decent development now our mobiles and small devices also do some type of [...]

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What are advantages and disadvantages of real time operating systems

Today I am going to tell you some of the advantages and disadvantages of using real time operating system. This is a type of RTOS tutorial. First of all we have to know what exactly an operating system do. What is an operating system:- An operating system hides all the difficult computation with the hardware which software do on the backend. We are presented a computer screen that [...]

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How to promote a free product

Most of time you want to offer a product like eBook or any other type of digital product to your visitors of your site or without a site. For example in case you want to increase email subscribers to your site then offering a free product is not a bad idea. Launching a free product So today I am going to tell you some of the [...]

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Difference between MAC, PC and LINUX

As you have all heard about MAC short for Macintosh, PC short for Microsoft and Linux operating system. An operating system communicates between hardware and software. Difference between windows, Macintosh and Linux We install software on top of the operating system and the OS (Operating system) use hardware to run that software. An operating system is also software. The kernel is the main backbone of all operating system. [...]

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Comments on Youtube can be posted from Google Plus

Google Plus is getting growth on internet rapidly. Now users are coming to Google Plus because of a nice interface of Google Plus and extra features like video conferencing and integration with google chat. The comments on Google Plus is also nicely designed and have good look. Due to over popularity of Google Plus, Youtube has decided to integrate comments with Google Plus. Now if you comment of [...]

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How to sell blog, website or online business

Making a successful business online is not an easy task. But some people do it so nicely and make some websites and give it value and sell it. I don’t say you are one of them. May be you have not enough time to manage your website or online business and you want to transfer it to someone and get some bucks from it. sell your blog [...]

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How can i use linkedin for marketing

Linkedin was born in 2002 and launched in 2003. It is the most popular social network site for professionals. You can find any person you want to hire on linkedin. If you have lot of contacts on linkedin then you will be directly or indirectly have connection with millions of people. So the question arises that how can I do marketing on linkedin and get profit from it. [...]

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Difference between project, thesis and research paper

During our academic studies we are given to make something unique to explore our expertise in our subject. So today I am going to compare project, thesis and research paper. Project is a type of practical thing. Like in the last semester of your studies you have to make a project. If you are IT student then you can make a software, website or database program which you [...]

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Tips to make your web design nicer

When a visitor visits your site then the first impact the visitor gets from your website is that how your site is designed. If you have designed your site nicer than people revisits your site and has nicer time browsing your site. So today I tell you how you can make your web design better. Follow the below steps:- Use latest technologies like HTML5 and CSS3. Especially CSS3 [...]

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Top 18 google search techniques to get accurate results

We use Google search everyday but we don’t know advanced techniques which we can use to make our search results better and precise. If you use Google search without these techniques then you waste lot of your time in searching and not find what you are looking for. Advanced Google Search Techniques So in the remaining text below I give you all the advanced techniques that [...]

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