Most of time you want to offer a product like eBook or any other type of digital product to your visitors of your site or without a site. For example in case you want to increase email subscribers to your site then offering a free product is not a bad idea.

How a free product market your business

Launching a free product

So today I am going to tell you some of the tips by which you can promote your free product to people or visitors to your site.

Start guest posting

Try to make guest posts on some of the high traffic sites and give link of your product page from where users can give their email to access a nice product from you. Obviously the guest post should be related to the product you are offering and you can tell the benefits of eBook or any other thing you are offering.

Review your product to bloggers

If you are not confident by the success of your free product then you can send the product to your fellow blogers and insist them to check the product and also share their experience with it. That way if they find the product useful then they can refer the interested people to your blog.

Introduce Giveaway

You can introduce an event on your blog and tell the visitors to comment and share the blog post and the users with more comments and share will get a free product from the website. That way your website become introduced to more and more users and people will also get back to your blog.

Promote on social media

Social media is the most fast and efficient way to keep in touch with people. For example you can easily share your product in Facebook by creating events, sharing links on pages, groups and your profile. You can also tag your friends in a status post in which you share your product link.

Answer to questions

If you want to gain trust from people then always answer to their questions and help them out as you can. This way when you promote your product by any media then people will instantly get access to your product and they not fear to give their email addresses.

LinkedIn question answers

You can join groups on LinkedIn site and involve in discussion related to your product and share the link of product and tell benefits of it. This way people will force to get that product for free.

Make YouTube video

You can make an introductory YouTube video and tell people about benefits they get after accessing the product. You can share all the best features of that product. And don’t forget to share the product link of your blog, you have to mention the product link in video description.

Join Forums

You can join forums and involve in discussion and share your product link their. Don’t ever try to do spamming. Keep in the rhythm of the conversation and share your link when appropriate.

Skype interviews

You can also invite your friends to Skype interview and introduce them to your free product. This way they will get know importance of the eBook or product. You can later share the link of your product to get access for them.

Reply to comments

Also keep in touch with the comments on your blog and involve in communication with the visitors. This way you will get trust from the visitors. Answer to their queries and problems they face in the article.

Sponsor an event

You can also sponsor an event and tell people about giving a giveaway. People will visit your site giveaway link and you will get the emails from the users. They will share your blog link with other friends also.

Offer testimonials

Make a testimonials section on the home page or on the signup page and tell people who have tried your product to give a testimonial of the product on your blog. This way people will get an idea of usefulness of the product.

Reply promptly to users

If someone get a free product from you and then later on contact with you by email or any other media then reply promptly with them. You have to not loose trust of your user. If you do nice communication with them then you can have good relation with them and is good for your blog authority also.

Slide share

Join the website Slideshare and upload a simple 5-10 page presentation. This way people will let know about your product and they can easily reach your blog to get access to that eBook or free product.

Free webinars

You can do a free webinar for promotion of your product. Your target will be to get introduce audience about your blog and free product. This way people will get access to your blog and they will also signup to get free product.

Advertise on craigslist

Join and promote your product on it. There are many users doing the same. Don’t ever post the same ads of your product to multiple regions, this will result in termination of your account, so be careful for the tactics.

Blog often and target keywords

To make your blog alive then you have to work hard. At least update your blog once in a week. That way users will get in touch with your blog. Try to use important keywords in your article and do some hands on Google keyword tool. You can also get target visitors to your product from the search engine.

Introduce affiliate program

You can also introduce affiliate program for your blog and get people access to your product as a reward. This way you have to not invest lot of money.

Free shipping

Try to give people free shipping in they get your product on holidays. You have to make people happy to get them good resources.

So introducing a free product is not a bad idea to promote your website and gain lot of visitors. This is the best way to have good communication with new visitors and get their trust in your pocket.

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