What is job shop with example

A job shop is a type of shop or small company which makes unique products. The products or items are made in small quantity. The company who want to make their products orders the shop to make some specialized products. The shop has special general-purpose equipment’s which make the product. Job shop involves very skilled workers. First, the job details are get from the company. Then mockup or [...]

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Advantages and disadvantages of decision support system

For making any organization to succeed the management of the company has to take unique decisions. Let me define what a decision support system (DSS) is. What is a decision support system (DSS): A system in which the CEO and top management of the company take decisions by using computer software, data mining, communication, and presentation. Pros and cons of decision support system (DSS) Now let me explain [...]

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Pros and cons of networking

All human beings need some type of communication to live their lives. In every aspect of daily routine, we need to talk to others. And if we have good communication skills then we can make success in our life. Some people are shy and they cannot progress as others. Advantages and disadvantages of Networking Today I am going to tell you what the pros and cons of networking [...]

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Nature and characteristics of science

Science is made from knowledge and research about physical things. Nature of science involves history, continuously research and changing assumptions about the world. The concepts of science are changing with time. The methods used in science for performing any action is changing with new methods. Studying Natural Science Scientific perceptions also differentiate from one scientist to another. Every scientist makes results from his own research and his results [...]

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How to embed or insert dailymotion video in blogger and wordpress

Dailymotion is very popular website for video sharing. After ban of youtube from various countries most of users of youtube shifted to dailymotion. Today I am going to tell you how you can embed/insert/add dailymotion video in your blog. Embed in wordpress:- To insert dailymotion video simply play the video in dailymotion and copy the url and past into your wordpress editor, it will automatically identify the video [...]

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What is stock market and how it works

Stock is the share of people in the company which is registered in stock market. We can also define as stock is a unit of share a company owns. Company sale and purchase these units or stocks to and from people or public. Stock Market Screen Stock market is the place where brokers sale and purchase stocks. The brokers tend to sale market stock with the [...]

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How to become creative in web designing and web development

Being creative in something is not natural. The habit of becoming inspired from others make you creative in a little sense. You watch others art and you have some ambition in yourself created which make you creative at one end. For example you sees some one design and you keep in mind the design and one day you try to make the similar design yourself. Similarly if some [...]

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How many people use twitter

Twitter is the most widely used social networking site after facebook. I am also using twitter for many years now. Every new user that comes to internet first move to facebook and then twitter. You can follow people on twitter and likewise other people also follow you back. Twitter Twitter recently announced that 218 million users (per month) are using twitter all around the world. This [...]

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Desktop PC vs tablet: which is better

Nowadays people always want to choose an easy path. So when I first time buy a tablet then I am start hating my pc because tablet was more easy to use and I feel happy while using tablet and having tablet in my hand. But we cannot neglect pc. Desktop Pc Vs Tablet So today I am going to explain you how pc and tablet compete [...]

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What is the best way and strategy to promote and test your product?

There are many sites and products build by the people which include features of some already running websites and product. So you can have something in mind to launch a product with some salient features in it. The problem you face is during the launch of site or product and how to do testing of it by real people. So today I will tell you the easiest way [...]

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