Nowadays people always want to choose an easy path. So when I first time buy a tablet then I am start hating my pc because tablet was more easy to use and I feel happy while using tablet and having tablet in my hand. But we cannot neglect pc.

Desktop Pc Vs Tablet

Desktop Pc Vs Tablet

So today I am going to explain you how pc and tablet compete with each other and what is the main difference between tablet and pc.

Reaching internet:-

Tablet is best to use for accessing the internet. We cannot browse the internet by pc without remaining at home. So pc is best to be used in home or office. But I don’t want to say that we cannot use tablet in home. I pass most of my time using tablet in home then pc.

Playing games:-

I know that pc has good resources in it like high ram and capacity but playing games on tablet has a unique taste. I start playing games on my tablet whenever I feel unhappy. And also games have more fun on tablet. But some people enjoy playing games on pc because pc has high quality sound and higher ram than the tablet have.

Reading books:-

I get bored while reading books on my pc so I always copy my favorite book from pc to tablet and laid on my bed and start reading the book from tablet. You can also read books outside your home where ever you go. Reading books is great fun and it also increase your current knowledge about the specific topic. I usually read computer related books which help me in my work.

Watching movies:-

Today I installed two apps on my tablet which play free movies and I also watch a movie from my tablet today. But watching movie from tablet is little difficult especially when the movie is too long. But you can also place a tablet at a specific angle and then watch movie. I personally enjoy watching movies on my pc because I can sit on my chair and watch movie on bigger screen with headphone on my ear.

Doing regular computer tasks:-

Tablet will never replace a pc in the sense that you cannot perform regular computer tasks in the tablet e.g. if a user want to build a website or do some work in photoshop then pc is fit for this purpose. But I am not ignoring tablet in any way because now most of tasks can be completed on tablet too. For example if I want to check the website stats then I can easily check from my tablet.


Doing typing is a big problem in tablet. My typing speed on standard keyboard is very good but when I start typing on my tablet then I become very angry. One day I start writing an article from my tablet, that day was my worse day ever because I get too tired in typing from the tablet. But nowadays you can also attach a keyboard with your tablet but that too not fits well so typing from pc is easier than on tablet.

Comparing costs:-

A normal user cannot afford to buy a new pc nowadays because it is too costly as compared to the price of tablet. You may know the price of apple pc. Now there are plenty of companies who are making tablets so the price range of most of tablets is quite low and is in the range of normal user.


Tablet is of small size and is easy to carry from one location to other. While in case of pc we cannot frequently change the place of our pc. But I note one thing in tablet i.e. while keeping tablet in our hands then we can feel the heat coming out of the tablet which is bad.

Sales comparison:-

In these days tablets are selling more than that of pc sales. Again this is the price factor. But a positive point about pc is that when you buy a pc then you can pass more than 8 years using the same pc. But in case of tablet you have to replace the tablet after few years because technology is changing so fast nowadays.


Tablet is best friend when you want to travel between different locations. You can use the tablet while sitting in train, car or aero plane.


If we talk about hacking then pc get hacked easy then tablets. Because most of hackers want to hack pc as it has more information in pc then that of tablet.

Final thoughts:-

People these days keep both tablet and pc in their use. Whenever I get tired using the pc then I start using my tablet while laying on my bed and keeping tablet in my hands. If you want to use only internet then tablet is best friend for you.

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