Which skills you need to develop your first website

Nowadays every one using internet likes to develop own website. With website you can express yourself and you can show yourself to the world. Website is of different types. For example one website consists of just photos you catch up daily or may be consists of videos. You can also make website of articles. You write articles and then publish to your website daily, weekly or on monthly [...]

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Good marketing techniques for newbie

Whenever you launch a product and want to give service to your customer then you need some type of marketing. Without marketing it is impossible to survive your business. You can watch around your surroundings and you notice that all marketing going on. You see a shop and in front of a shop you will see a board of that shop. Similarly if you visit websites there are [...]

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Latest knowledge of computer field

In today life we have to keep in touch with the latest knowledge of computer. Computer is becoming part of our daily life. All kind of people use computers like children, student, teachers, doctors, receptionist, and professional people. With the invention of internet it is now easy to get knowledge of different fields of computer. For example if you are programmer then you aim is to search for [...]

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Tips to finish project on time

In the initial days most programmers face difficulty in completing their projects on time. May be they felt that it is so difficult for them to complete. Mostly programmers pick the project without paying attention to the description of the project. So they complete 60-80% of the project and then face huge problem to proceed. So 60-80% completion has no value until you complete the project 100%. If [...]

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Computer education for beginners

Computer is used all over the world nowadays. With the invention of internet it is now easy to learn online. At the beginning of 1990 the start of education through computer increases and the sale of apple computer increased. In the current days the computer is used in all the fields in our life. For example we use computers in scientific field, medical field, education, hospitals, [...]

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