What are advantages and disadvantages of batch processing systems

What is batch system? In early days computer work was given on punch cards and then these punch cards behave as input to the computer. These jobs or batch jobs were then executed by the computer one by one. So that computers were called as batch computers or batch systems. The work done by batch systems are in parts i.e. one job is processed then another job in [...]

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Importance Of Computers To Teachers And Students

The use of computer is now in all the fields of world. Computer plays an important role to both students and teachers. Today I will explain you the importance of computers to students and teachers. Research A teacher does some research before delivering lecture to the students. On internet there are forums and groups where the teacher can get good information about its topic. Also there are places [...]

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Benefits Of EDP (Electronic Data Processing)

EDP or electronic data processing is the process by which you can do repeated activities by using computer or other electronic device at fast rate. For example if you take a survey of 1000 pages and want to organize and see the results at one click then you can scan all the 1000 pages by scanner. The scanner usually scans 20 to 30 pages in a minute, may [...]

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10 Steps to become good android developer

Android operating system is become popular day by day and most of the mobile devices and tablets are now running android. There are many apps already in the Google play which are earning good income. You can also get income from by making free app by placing ads in your apps. Now users are more interested in android supported mobiles because they are of less cost too. Samsung [...]

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Steps to follow when taking internet connection

If you are new in the field of internet and you want to take internet connection at your home or office then follow these steps to get better internet connection:- Ask about your friends or relative that which company internet connection they are using. If most of your friends are using some specific internet connection company then go for that because there should be some reason why most [...]

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What is niche website and importance of niche sites

Many you have heard about niche sites and most of people talk about it on internet. So you are curious to know that what is niche website and why I make niche website. So today I tell about it. Niche website is a site that concentrates on one topic. Suppose you want to make a website about body building then you only write about body building in that [...]

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Difference between vps, dedicated, cloud and shared web hosting

When you see some websites on internet then you also get ambition to make your own website or ask someone to make website for yourself. In my beginning days of website development I use free hosting. But later i think that I have to buy some hosting from any hosting provider. So I feel very difficulty in finding which type of hosting can I choose. There are variety [...]

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Voice quality of skype, google talk and yahoo messager

If you have friends or family members in foreign country then calling from mobiles or land line number is costly. The invention of internet has solved this problem. If you and your friends or family members have computer, laptop or iphone then you can voice chat with each other. There are many voice chat software available but the most popular of these are skype, google talk [...]

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Skills needed to learn web development

I am in the world of website development for last 5 years. Web development is becoming more popular day by day. There are many websites made every day. So there is huge work to maintain these websites and also to make new websites. There are simple one page sites to large websites like facebook. Some people watch the websites and daily use the websites and one day they [...]

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Which things you need to make good video tutorial

I started making video tutorials when I was impressed by some people who are already making videos tutorials on youtube and some other websites. Videos give better way to deliver your knowledge and it cover lot of things in less time. If you read tutorials on net then you know it consumes lot of your time. Similarly learning from books and get some usual knowledge from it takes [...]

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