In the initial days most programmers face difficulty in completing their projects on time. May be they felt that it is so difficult for them to complete. Mostly programmers pick the project without paying attention to the description of the project. So they complete 60-80% of the project and then face huge problem to proceed. So 60-80% completion has no value until you complete the project 100%. If you fail in completion of project then you will feel ashamed. So the important thing is that you pay close attention to the description of the project before accepting it.

complete project on time

complete project on time

Also some programmers get many projects at the same time. This creates difficulty for them to manage all the projects and give time to each. But a single project becomes boring if you are working for some days on the same project. So I suggest you to take two projects if you can handle it easily. If you are unable to complete the project from one client then the probability is that the client will not give you any more projects.

Don’t follow the failure strategies again and again. If one strategy fails then don’t apply it again in the next project. Only remember the positive results that you have achieved. Also try to put your habits in doing difficult task and don’t think always to go for the easiest work. The easy project at the final stage will you hard time. So if you forgive at that final stage then it is problem for you to complete the project at time.

Study the time management for some time and do all your work using time management. Don’t waste lot of time in just thinking what to do. Decide one time and keep your decision. Try to make your habit to do work for more hours on the project. You can also take break for some time. So you can complete the project in phases. Good tip is to make a rule to “do it now”.

Don’t put long time in completing the project. If you give long time in completing the project then the project may become obsolete. Make list of tasks that you want to do in a day and then follow the time for the tasks. Don’t feel depress while doing the project. All the success people face failure before becoming successful person.

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