Android is the mobile operating system developed by Google. These days android is a very popular OS in the market. Over 2 million apps are available in google play store to download and install on the android device. Android OS is used by about 2 billion people all over the world and this is most used OS nowadays. There is a large range of devices which use android including watches, cars audio player, android TV, PC, tablets and smartphones.

Android was first time named by Android Inc. then Google acquired android in 2005 in $50 million. Most of the android core developers were hired by Google and they built more features in the software. In early days android only supports physical QUERTY keyboards and was not touch screen. But when mobile companies started launching touch screen mobiles then Google decided to launch android OS that only supports touch screens. Later Google marketed its mobile OS to mobile companies and it becomes renowned.

Pros and cons of Android operating system

Today I am going to discuss some of the advantages and disadvantages of the android operating system.

Advantages of android operating system:

Millions of apps:-

Users have a vast choice to choose which apps they need. Apps are categorized into topics and every topic has large amount of apps to download.

Third-party apps also supported:-

You can also install third-party apps. These apps can be downloaded from different websites. Users are flexible in choosing which apps they want to download either from google play store or any other website. You just need to authorize the app to be downloaded.

Notifications are nicely displayed:-

All the notifications of apps, messages, emails, low battery are displayed nicely. Users can access the notification by just sliding from top to bottom. You can also see the notifications in lock mode.

Sharing of internet among devices:-

With a mobile hotspot, you can share your device internet with other devices or with PC. This can help saving money also. If you living in a house then you can share your internet with your family members and they don’t need to buy separate internet packages.

Variety of mobile models to choose from:-

Android OS can run on a wide range of devices i.e. HTC, Samsung, OPPO, Huawei, Motorola, Sony Ericson and many others. You can choose any low-cost mobile or middle range mobile easily. Some android mobiles are costly too but it all depends upon your budget.

Expandable memory:-

Apple smartphones and tablets don’t support expandable memory but android devices come with expandable memory option. If you have a lot of data to store then you can attach an external memory card to expand your phone memory. You can store lot of books, movies and songs in the extended memory card.

Support large screens at an affordable price:-

If you compare large screens Apple devices then android is giving you large screen devices at good prices. Android is also giving updates to all resolution screens and is adaptive.

Run many apps at the same time:-

If you have a good specification phone then you can smoothly run multiple apps at the same time. You can listen to music while using Instagram or Facebook.

Multiple widgets on screen:-

You can choose native widgets or 3rd party widgets to appear on the screen. For example, displaying temperature and clock widgets gives you information all the time when you switch on your phone.

Foldable devices:-

Now new android 10 version support foldable devices. With the passage of time, technology is changing and android is also adapting with the changes in the mobile world.

Large community support:-

There are a huge community of developers and users of android. So if you have any issue in the code or want to check authenticity of app then you can easily do this. You can check if the app is real by checking its reviews on google play store.

Addition and removal of unwanted features:-

Android is adding new features in every release and removing old features that are not favourable to the users. You can check list of android versions with details also.

Android is Open source:-

Android is licensed under apache. Mobile companies change the code of android to make UI change a little bit. Developers have also access to the core code and can make changes to it.

Cloud storage:-

Gmail and other google products use cloud storage that means you can sync many devices with same google account. 15 GB of cloud storage comes free with every account that is enough for normal users.

Android developers have high job demands:-

As there are millions of apps and to maintain and develop new apps, developers are needed. Android developers have high demand and there are a lot of resources on internet to get help in the code.

Restoring and backup of apps:-

With the new OS, apps can restore and make backup of their data. This feature help apps to recover from any bad update or user behaviour.

Disadvantages of android operating system:

Apps run in the background:-

In the older version of Android, most apps always run in the background and come to foreground as they wish. But in new version of android apps cannot automatically come to foreground. As some apps run in the background then it consumes mobile battery and your device battery vanishes quickly.

Developers have a tough time:-

Learning and developing android apps is hard because there are a variety of screen sizes and to make app adaptive to all screen sizes is challenging for the developers. Developers have to write more code and is difficult to troubleshoot the app for final delivery. It is also difficult to make complex apps and doing advanced animation is hard.

Low specification mobiles run slow:-

As android is a very large operating system that consumes lot of storage and some default apps also comes with operating system so low specification devices run slow. If you install many apps in these devices then your mobile will become unresponsive or heat up quickly.

Virus protection:-

Android is not good at virus protection. Users have rights to download and install apps from other external websites and these apps may contain a virus and stole your data and information. It is also noticed that some apps in google play store contain a virus.

Many ads in apps:-

Most of the android apps are free to use but they come with lot of ads that display on app screen or ads display when you perform any action in the app. This is irritating for users and users have to buy license for the app to remove ads or uninstall the app.

Not friendly with old people:-

Old people have a difficult time using android devices because of advanced touch screens. They may have an eyesight problem or have not used android mobile before.

Google account needed:-

For installing apps from google play store you need Gmail account. You also need a google account to use other Google products. If you forget Gmail id then your device can be locked and for unlocking you need to get your Gmail account.

Bad quality for apps:-

Majority of apps in the app store have poor quality and some apps only want to earn money by displaying ads and they have no use for the users. Some apps are not updated for many years and this will affect users which update their operating system.

The new app idea is difficult:-

For developers, there are fewer chances that they make app which is not already present. As all types of apps are already published in the app store so new companies and developers have difficult time entering the android market.

Google is strict to app developers:-

If Google finds any issue in your app then it will behave very strictly and also terminate your developer account.


If you want to buy mobile within your budget then android is the best option to choose from. There are all types of devices available. iOS too has some disadvantages and it all depends upon your budget. In my opinion android is best.

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